Be your own teacher…

I believe we are only as interesting in life as we are interested in it.  What inspires me most?  Encouraging others to living happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.  I’m inspired to teach, but first I am the student to life.  I’m a dedicated learner.  I never stop asking myself questions and challenging myself on the why’s, what’s, how’s that show up in every day life.  Most likely I don’t know the answers and am forced to reevaluate my opinions and philosophies.  My curiosity and eagerness to stay connected with myself (being present in the now) inspires me to ask myself simple yet direct questions about myself, my culture, my community, my Life.  It’s amazing the more connected we become with knowing oneself, are we then able ton connect on deeper levels with friends, family, strangers even.   Starting with just 3 questions a day, at random!  Let’s take a closer look in the mirror: What really makes you YOU?

If you had the chance to give back to the community of LA, what would you do?

Create more facilities that integrated the arts & athletics for youthful generations, with & without disabilities, to encourage them to follow their dreams against any adversity (physical, financial, mental) & prosper. We can make a difference 1 person at a time as we come together as a community.

What is your favorite type of art that speaks directly to you?

Acting & dancing!  For instance, a musical, when inner emotion becomes outward physical expression, is just beautiful..

As a influential person in your community, what do you want the community to learn from you?

“I have a mission to motivate, support & encourage people with or without physical disabilities to pursue active lifestyles though physical fitness and competitive athletics.” I believe that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

Personal Q & A’s everyday keeps me Interested & Invested…I learn something new about myself every day!!!

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