We create our own Paradise

We create our own Paradise, wherever we are…

The concept of Heaven on Earth never felt so real to me until I truly began to experience it for myself.  A special thank you to Wayne Dyer.  “Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, because Spirit is everywhere in everything.  If I said you could be in Paradise right this second, would you come with me or stay back, in disbelief that perhaps you too are worthy of this Paradise” ~ Dyer.  I believe this man can truly bring you the inspiration and clarity you need right now, just as a reminder that God is right here, every step of the way!  Please read his blogs and daily affirmations, and practice throughout your days!  I guarantee you will feel the Love start to heal & you can begin to find peace in everything you do!  Why?  Because I love you.

We create our own paradise.   I remember my first glimpse of this new found appreciation & peace within; it was immediately after my accident.  I was driving home in the car with my sister & her boyfriend, who played as close to a brother as it gets, only 4 days after 3/18.  Perfectly fitting, “Live your Life” by Rhianna came on just as we left the UCLA hospital!  I will never forget as tears of joy & bliss & gratituded fled down my face.  I could see the beauty in the bluest sky, leaves greener, trees fuller, birds far more delicate & mysterious than ever, colors more vibrant.  I let the light in and I could see, truly see the beauty of Life.

“In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy.” – Melville. xx

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