A HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Thank you Rancho Los Amigos for taking care of me today! Waited a year & 1/2 for this day, 11/24/2010…it’s a HAPPY Thanksgiving!  Let’s have a toast to no more nerve pain!! This FREEDOM brings tears of pure happiness!!! I just moved my thumb & for first time noooo neuromas screaming at me!  And not yet absolute, but I believe Dr. Chambers found a way to shave down the frayed, fractured tip of the bone & wrap the only muscle available around the bone to give as much protection as possible (previously explained to me as being impossible).  And although last night was the most excruciating  post-surgery pain I’ve ever experienced, I can say I’ve embraced another Destroyer moment:  “Destroy to Create”.

Once again, God Bless our selfless Doctors for going above and beyond to heal & bless humanity! Thank you all for your love & support! Giving Thanks for the most amazing family & friends like you! New beginnings & new opportunities ahead..and for Christmas, the long awaited prosthetic after recovery! SO excited!

I’m a destroyer! Literally! A beautiful success!


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