I think this is the secret friends!  Every day look in the mirror & reaffirm everything that’s so amazing about yourself!  Loving yourself isn’t selfish, it’s the only way you can truly love others:) It’s important to Love yourself but it’s just as important to like yourself…

I like my family, I like my boyfriend, I like my sister, I like my clothes, I like my hair, I like my car, I like my nails, I like my drive, I like my Nine Zero One, I like my legs, I like my sense of humor, I like my ability to write, sing, dance, laugh, cry, I like my life…Geeez I like a lot of things when I think about it:)  This is fun!

The best advice this little one gives is, “I CAN DO ANYTHING GOOD.” My greatest acting coach, Joe Palese, always said, “You’re only as good as your imagination.”  If only we could get back to that uninhibited child that BELIEVES I CAN BE & DO ANYTHING I WANT!  As we get older, we have been conditioned to put constraints & regulations on our lives.  We’ve been told “No” too many times, or “this is wrong”, “don’t do that”, where we’ve learned to conform to the society norms; inhibiting us from using our full imaginations! Who says we have to grow up? Let’s embrace that inner child & remind ourselves, “I can do anything & I will!” ♥ 24

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