I JUST ADDED 2 SPECIAL NEW CATEGORIES: INSPIRATIONAL MAIL & YOUR STORIES! I am so inspired by your letters & facinating stories; redirecting me in the light of my own personal legend.  There’s no better place than Believe & Become to reach out, help & inspire others. I’ve established a no limit, courageous, spontaneous  place to share, express curiosity & just explore LIFE.   Please continue to inspire me & us all by submitting your stories &/or questions to help me build a palace of greatness & awareness; making a REAL difference for humanity!  I cannot promise to respond directly to every one, but you never go unappreciated, I thank you for teaching & inspiring me.  It’s you who fuel me everyday!


“Do you remember Breanna? Her husband Mark painted my house, and I reminded him of you because my left hand is also absent, and, when I was young, I was also pretty, and, at 70, still feel pretty enough. The absence of my hand is congenital; nobody knows why. I grew up doing things my own way, and when I was 24 I got a cosmetic hand just for dress-up. I was married (and divorced,but the marriage was worth it for the fun we had) and I’m a mother and grandmother.  Chauntal, it is such a pleasure for me to see your lovely, happy face, and I just wanted to say hello to you . I happen to be a psychotherapist by profession.Iif you Googled Frances E. Brown, psychotherapist Van Nuys, you would probably find me.  I send you my best wishes.” ~ Frances
Thank you for sharing with me!  Yes, Breanna is one of my greatest friends. I’m so happy you introduced yourself! This is so inspiring to hear; although I feel as if I have adapted relatively quickly, I cant help but wonder & hope that i will remain as optimistic in my future endeavors as you have. Thank you for sharing with me!!
God Bless*** ♥23

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