I’d like to share a message I received that specifically helped me this one day I didn’t feel like being a hero. I immediately was uplifted and reassessed my blessings…

A friend of mine from acting class writes (exactly one year after my accident): “Your Celebration last night was so beautiful and a wonderful extension of you 🙂 I was going to send this to you last night but I second guessed myself because I didn’t feel my poetic skills were good enough but I’ve decided for boldness instead. I wrote it for you this time last year and although the skills may not be the best the intention and meaning behind it is as true today as it was last year, and the year before that, and all the years to come… Believe*” ~

Chauntal “Light bound in human form, Bursting forth in Love, You are more than Love. Bright Angel. Singing, songs written. Ages ago for the children of tomorrow. A lighthouse against dark waters, we strive for your shores, let us know, your joy, we cry, a burden heavy, for you so light, touch our souls lift us to your heights, let us be as you. Love in human form – Chauntal Lewis” March 18, 2009 at 11:04am

Thank you!!! I am so appreciative for your words! Today was just one of those days, I didn’t feel like being a hero. I ran into a few obstacles and I became completely overwhelmed with uncertainty. I tried to adjust my doubtful thinking, “Everything has a significant purpose, Chauntal, especially my life”, then poof! I received this message, with a beautiful reminder: Purpose. I have a voice & people are listening. You mention you second guess yourself, even on something so beautifully written, and I can’t help but wonder why it’s so easy for us to negate our true gifts and talents? I don’t always recognize that my outlook on life is a true GIFT or a light shining on others. I sometimes get uncomfortable with embracing that statement in fear of others perception of me. For instance, starting this blog. I feared that I may be looked upon as if I “think” I have it figured out, because I don’t. In fact, sometimes I want to scream out “I didn’t sign up to be a teacher, a healer. I don’t have the answers. I was just a victim of a horrific, unfortunate event..”, but I know and appreciate that it was far beyond any “accident”: “There are no accidents in an intelligent universe”. So I remind myself, do see the world in a way that I want my friends, family, strangers to experience and whether I chose this role or not, I choose to teach so that others can live more fulfilled lives. It’s one obligation in life I’ll never tire of…and as a result, my purpose in life has reached a whole new level :)!

Thank you friend for reminding me and realigning me on my personal mission this lovely afternoon! ♥


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