Hi! I’m super excited about today’s category: Health & nutrition!!! I’ve been waiting to include this because I think you are going to agree, this is the key ingredient to living a fruitful life.  As an athlete, I serve my body with a variety workouts.  But the only way to a healthy life is the proper balance of exercise AND a nutritious diet.

One of my good friends told me today that I was her nutrition guru 🙂 I’m flattered because I’ve always loved my exercise but it’s definitely taken work to dismiss bad habits & eat healthy.  It seems so simple now.  I have done a lot of research & have become very educated on what we are really putting into our systems.  I think it all changed after my accident when I was told I “needed” all these pills, anti-depressants, drugs!??? I researched everything I was told to put into my body & read the pages of side effects it has on our bodies & mind.  It’s the same for food too!  Processed foods, refined sugars, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals chemicals chemicals!!!  Half of the junk that has been “approved” by the FDA is just that, junk!  I was fascinated with what I found on how certain foods not only effect us physically but mentally as well; our moods.  I feel as if I have more energy, more clarity, & all around am more chemically balanced by weeding out the junk & sticking to very clean, nutritious foods.  I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life!

There can be a lot to a healthy diet, especially when it’s ultimately a shift in your lifestyle, like it was mine.  The best way for me to start is saying this, I eat clean.  Most anything that comes from the earth, I want.  And if it comes orgainic, assuming it really is organic, I choose to eliminate all preservatives & pesticides.  Once you get the hang of it, you discover what works for your body.  What works for me isn’t necessarily what works for you.  I just want to encourage you to enhance your nutrients from the best foods on earth.

My can’t live withouts:

Skin & brain foods (vitamins!).  Nuts, nuts, nuts.  Avacado.  A variety of petty much all veggies & fruits.  Salmon!  Organic, 80% coco, dark chocolate. Organic greek yogurt. Organic peanut butter.  I snack on organic trail mix (almonds, walnuts, seeds, pistachios, cashews, etc), goji berries, or granola every day 🙂  I’m a pescatarian but I’m not encouraging or discouraging you to eliminate meat.  If you need your chicken or steak, I get it!  If I were you, I wouldn’t go near anything that isn’t organic and hormone free.  There’s some crazy stuff going on in the meat industries.  Highest demand in America = YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE REALLY EATING!  Whole Foods has a wide selection friends:)

Here are some additional, yummy faves.  Yams.  Cooked mushrooms. Light popcorn.  Shrimp.  White fish.  Salads!  Don’t get turned off, you have to get creative & add the goodness: nuts, fruit, veggies, light organic cheese, light dressing & some kind meat or protein.  My boyfriend must think I’m crazy because to top it all off, I add Cayene pepper to pretty much everything!   I like to spice it up, literally!!  Even my special Smoothies: all fruit, maca powder & cayene.  I don’t know the last time I shopped anywhere other than a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  That’s a great kick start to stocking up on the goods that do the body good!!!

Eating a balanced diet keeps me fuller & more satiated throughout my days.  Now don’t get me wrong, I NEVER deprive myself.  I can’t live without my Mexican, frozen yogurt & a lot of Sushi.  I pretty much eat healthy all week & do whatever I please on the weekends!  You’ve heard it a million times, everything in moderation.  Ooow I have so much fun with this category!  Stay tuned for lots of fun health tips!

Remember our body is our temple.  The more you nurture it, it will serve you.

Tonight’s dinner.   Yummmmers!


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