Twas the happiest holiday season ever!

“It is no coincidence that the holidays occur near the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.  The message in this is important: at the time when things are darkest and coldest, there is light, joy, peace, and warmth.”

We can never have enough reminders of the true meaning of the holidays!  Tis the season for appreciation, love, excitement, & peace!   The holidays can be hectic but why take away from the magical experience with feelings of burden, guilt or sacrifice.   Pressures of staying within budget, not breaking the bank, giving the perfect gift, planning the perfect party or finding creative ways to give your family a Christmas to always remember can be overwhelming & exhausting.  Try to relax your expectations for yourself & others this year.   Enjoy each activity for itself instead of always thinking about what’s ahead or if it’s enough.  This is a time that is suppose to bring out the best in us rather than do us in.  From my experience, if my focus is on not enough or struggle I only attract more experiences of not enough or struggle.  Emphasize the positive & reclaim a happy holiday spirit.  I want to reshape any doubtful thinking to expectations of abundance & Love.

Perhaps it’s the year to reevaluate holiday traditions & give yourself permission to reshape them.   As I’ve gotten older, I’ve shifted my focus to giving & other’s happiness; to spend this time with family is a true gift in itself.  Be present with your loved ones.  This year take a look around the Christmas tree or table & find at least 3 to 300 reasons why you’re thankful to have each person in your life.  Especially those who can usually get under your skin 🙂  Find the appreciation in a smile or thank you.  Reminisce on your happiest memory with each person.  Whatever significant memory you have, that person loved you enough to share it with you.  Rejoice & celebrate each & every life!

And a gift to you!  Give yourself the delight for joyful anticipation & wonder, just like you did as a child. Truly open our eyes & take in the gifts that surround us every day with child-like awe!  Christmas Angels are everywhere!  I don’t know about you but I’ve made up my mind that this is going to be my happiest holiday season ever.  Savor each precious moment of the holidays & every day.  Blessings,  forgiveness & Love to everyone.

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