Interpretation of beauty!

Is our perception of beauty distorted?

This is 1 video that every woman needs to see.   I remember feeling shocked and a bit confused when I learned long ago in a socially class that only .02% of women in the WORLD (~3.3 billion women on earth) look like the covers of our magazines, Victoria Secret angels, models or actresses our society can’t get enough of.  How could this be, you ask, when every time you turn on your TV, flip through a magazine, or walk down Rodeo Drive just about every other girl looks like a carbon copy of a Chanel campaign?  But I ask you, what defines beauty?  Perception.  I see women become obsessed with bettering, enhancing, camouflaging natures beauty to feel comparable or simply “pretty”.  I remember my own battle over the “not enough” syndrome.  I struggled, just as many young women do growing up, with never enough;  good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, intellectual enough.  I came to a point where I searched for flaws that didn’t even exist and created this monster out of this beautiful woman.  I was in fact already a huge inspiration and role model to so many of my peers, but my perception was distorted.  When u change the way u look at things, the things u look at change…

In such an image obsessed culture, is there a balance?  I believe balance is the only secret!  Because I also don’t negate our desire to look and feel beautiful.  I feel as if it’s healthy to love the beauty in yourself, as well as each and every one of us.  The real beauty is what lies within in you!  I’m not afraid of cliché’s (can you tell:) there’s validity in these things we hear from our mothers and teachers.  We are not stretched to proportion, enhanced by technology, we are who we are.  Embrace your misperfections, unproportions, “flaws”.  To say these qualities “give you character” is an understatement.  One hand, not exactly the conventional beauty by media standards; it’s…unique.  No one person is YOU.  That’s real beauty.

Be comfortable with yourself, love the way you look, be happy.  Looking beautiful doesn’t mean that you have to be between the sizes of 00-4, being healthy is most important.  Models indeed have a confident mystique about them.  Of course, they have been refined, polished, re-invented and perfected, but even the most conventionally beautiful models carry themselves with an aura that exudes style, grace and health.  How you carry yourself affects how people perceive you more than you think!  For fun, perk up that chin, throw those shoulders back and glide through the air as if you just signed a ten million dollar contract.  Wear your imaginary crown, you’ll be surprised by the outward confidence that radiates from within.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love makeup!  It’s like art to me!  I enjoy every step of the process, not the just final product.  But there has to be a balance in this as well.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I appreciate a woman’s beauty so much that I’ve fallen in love with the luxury we have to enhance one’s own beauty.  With the right products, application and knowing what works best for your face, what girl doesn’t like to play dress up?  Makeup should be about enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up.  I prefer ‘el natural’.  Stay tuned for fab beauty tips, as organic as possible with proper health care and exercise, as well as a little beauty enhancing thing called makeup:

Today let’s focus on outward beauty radiating from peace within! Love*

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