Another New Beginning

Last month’s revision surgery was a great success!  I am still healing a bit and back to square one with therapy, but I can officially start the prosthesis process!  I had the fitting/mold of the new improved version of my arm this week!!!  No more more revisions, this is the final product.  I think friends and family have been just as anxious for this long awaited, drawn out concept of me having a hand so I wanted to clarify what’s next for all my loveyloved ones.

A porcelain mold of my right hand was made over a year ago but when I went for my fitting, it didn’t go so well .  The nerve balls were suffocatig in this silicone glove that creates a suction, pressure on my arm to ensure it doesn’t slip off.  The sensation was way too painful to wear, to say the least.  I waited almost a year and a half for insurance to finally cover a very necessary revision surgery (don’t get me started on US Health Care Insurance, perhaps I need a whole column just for that topic America).  So here we are, basically starting all over.  I am working on the cosmetic hand first which is a beautiful duplicate of my right hand.  A silicone mold of my hand will be color matched to every pigment of my skin.  My prosthetist, Stefan Knauss, then hand paints the veins and etches the wrinkles.  It looks so real it’s scary…& beautiful at the same time, of course.  This takes about 2 months to create and perfect.

I was introduced to Stefan at Aesthetic Prosthetics by a darling friend of mine, Stephanie.  My buddy had worked with her for over a year & told me he had no idea she had a prosthetic left arm!  Not sure I recall half of the thoughts, discoveries, confusion, questions that I had immediately after my accident, but I definitely wondered, what the heck am I suppose to do now?  What are my options?  Do I have options?  So he asked her to give me a visit in the hospital, just 3 days after my accident.  I’ll never forget the moment.  She walked in and gave my family & I an instant sense of relief & hope.  I would have never guessed she had a missing arm from her bicep; she wore the most delicate gold bracelets & my favorite OPI’s “Lincoln park after dark” nail polish on her perfectly normal looking left hand.  Seconds later, she was a able to pop it off & answer ALL the questions we had for her.  This young woman exuded such confidence & pride.  I wanted to be just like her!

Not only will I be getting the aesthetic hand, I’ve just been informed by Rancho Los Amigo’s partnering prosthesis company, Hanger, that I have the option for 2 more functional devices.  One called the Mio Electric hand with minimal movement of the fingers.  The other, the most practical of them all, a metal open-close device for around the house, making those everyday tasks just that much easier.  Although I can be stubborn with a “get the job done with or without a hand” mentality, I admit, it’s going to be refreshing to have a little extra help 🙂 So I am just overwhelmed with gratitude & appreciation for our selfless doctors & those affiliated in making this huge difference in my life!  Just when adversity seemed to become my new normal, I feel blessed I am finally on my way; I see new opportunity & doors flying open already.  This week was the 1st step & that much closer!!

Just a little update on my medical progression.  I’ll get back to the fun stuff.  Till next time…Thanks for the loveylove:)

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