CRYSTAL clear*

“Without pressure and heat there would be no diamonds. It’s how you cope with Life’s difficult situations that determine how bright you shine..” ~ ♥

Yes, we really can make a difference,  1 day, 1 person at a time.  A few months ago this young girl contacted me via Facebook: “Love this page. Thank you so much. Just reading your posts is inspiring to me every day. I lost my right arm below the elbow over the 4th of July weekend. You’re truly an amazing, inspiring, individual!!  Thank you Chauntal!” ~ Crystal Clark. No thank you!  Crystal expressed to me how she’d look to my page every single day for inspiration & light, uplifting her after losing her left arm to a disease called Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS).  Not to mention, she also lost the remainder of her hearing and sight in her left eye that previous month.  I’ve been exposed to so many relating stories, people who reach out daily, but I couldn’t imagine why she’d look to me as a role model?

I felt honored…she asked to copy my ‘outlook story’ I wrote in my bio just after my accident & paste onto her page because she wanted a daily reminder that “it is a choice to live HAPPY amidst any adversity life throws at you”.  She became a friend and we’d share motivational stories & quotes.   She had the urge to impact people with her story as well.  She told me I truly helped her live her life to the fullest, focus on the positive and simply be happy.  I in turn learned so much from this special woman.

Her sister just informed me that she fought to her last day and just lost her battle with the debilitating disease.  I’m not sure the extent of her struggle but every time she posted an update or picture it seemed as if she was cracking up; so full of life, so happy, a huge inspiration perhaps without even knowing it.  It was indeed contagious.  She encouraged me to encourage others which encouraged her 🙂

Although she said I was her inspirational reminder, I thank her for putting a few things into perspective; most importantly, purpose in service to others.  “If you want to find your true purpose in life, know this for certain: Your purpose will only be found in service to others, and in being connected to something far greater than your body/mind/ego.” ~ Wayne Dyer.  Never lose a burning desire to love, help and inspire others.  Someone somewhere needs to believe*

One of my favorite quotes Crystal lived by:  “When life gives you trouble: you can get bitter or better. You can go under or you can go on.” – Joyce Meyer   Thank you Crystal.  You will forever be a role model & loved.

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