Enhance your natural beauty tips: Part 1

Oh how I love to play dress-up but “Happiness is the best makeup.”

Ok every woman is guilty of it.  Look at your vanity, dresser, bathroom, make up bag!  Do we really need all this “stuff”?  Perhaps it’s the lighting in Sephora, it illuminates the smallest eyeliner or makeup brush in a way you just can’t live without!  I guarantee you use it once, maybe twice & your back to old faithful!  There are a few beauty products out there that I absolutely love & feel as if every woman should at least try, but if it doesn’t work for ya, send it back & stick to that “green & pink mascara” if that’s what you swear by.

I have a ton of fab looks I suggest for different seasons, time of day & events, just ask!  I personally appreciate makeup as a beautiful art for a woman’s face.  And I just love to play!  These are my can’t live withouts; a few secret ingredients I think every woman should own.

Mascara: MAC Zoom Black for length & thickness.  I like to combo it with Studio Fix Lash to then seperate perfectly, porportioned from each edge.

Nars Orgasm blush & bronzer combo: pink on top of the cheek bone, bronzer follows under the bone.

Stiletto liquid eyeliner – $7.99! & goes on perfectly thin.  It’s the BLACKest BLACK I’ve found:  be sure to follow your upper lid & connect where your lower lid meets in an upward stroke.  This is great for a bold look but I love eyeliner & mascara in brown or similar natural colors for daily wear.

LIP GLOSS! Love it in numerous shades. Every day: clear, glossy or light pinkies.  MAC’s lip glass & Victoria Secret has some delicious colors.  I can always appreciate a bold RED with minimal eye & face makeup, but depending on occasion.

MAC strobe liquid lotion to highlight:  Add just above the cheek bone.  Sometimes I mix a little with a liquid foundation for an all over illuminating glow.

The EYES*:  A highlight on the upper lid, soft brown or grayish/purple (mostly to enhance light colored eyes).  Use a great blending brush then add a highlighter just under the brow.  Eyeshadow should be pretty, don’t over do it; less is more. Line it up with a gentle stroke of eyeliner to make the eyes pop, & of course a thick, long lash.  I love the “el naturel, not wearing too much makeup” makeup look.

For an instant wake me up, I love a light layer of yellow concealer under the eye or a soft white powder – Benefit’s PowderFlage or CVS Physicians perfecting yellow concealer. Blend blend blend!  This trick really brightens you up.

QUICK DAILY WEAR TIPS: Foundation should be light.  Try a tinted moisturizer to allow your natural skin tones to shine through while evening out tones.  It’s so beautiful and it’s YOU.  Mascara or simply curl your lashes.  Clear lip gloss.  A bit of bronzer on your body & face, just to give you an extra healthy glow.  However, I feel there’s a delicate beauty about a pale skin tone, probably because I have olive tones, but I do like both.  Don’t over Shore it with crazy spray tanning, please!  Do your research to find a natural airbrush tan artist.  This is a treat for special occasions.  It brightens you up, enhances muscle tone, & a glow gives off a healthy, happy vibe.  My go-to: Sunkissed by Jenni at Salon Nine Zero One, for a brilliant, natural, healthy tan! http://sunkissedbyjenni.com

A beautiful you doesn’t mean you have to cake yourself with makeup.  Things like freckles or a scar are what make you you, it’s important to let the real you shine!!!!  A HEALTHY, HAPPY YOU IS A BEAUTIFUL YOU! I can’t say it enough, TRUE beauty is radiated from within!  So it doesn’t matter what makeup tricks you think have to cover those partied-all-night dark circles, puffy eyes, stress wrinkles, no make up in the world can cover up an unhealthy lifestyle. 4 words:  NUTRITION, EXERCISE & BE HAPPY 🙂  Check my last NUTRITION BLOG FOR SKIN & BRAIN FOODS: https://ibelieveandbecome.com/2010/12/09/i-nurture-my-body-therefore-i-love-my-body/

What are YOUR must haves?!  How do you embrace YOUR natural beauty?


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