Skinnie Magazine wants to know!

Skinnie Magazine features me as a “Gamechanger” along with fellow LA Destroyer’s & the LA artists we worked with in this month’s issue.

I love Q&A’s that allow me to reevaluate my goals, values and philosophies.   When you stop & ask yourself questions about you, it forces you to stay connected to yourself (be present now), explore and put things into perspective.  We can always be the student of our own teachings.  Skinnie asks simple yet direct questions about my culture, my community, my Life.

Legacy is something that few people ever consider. In terms of your craft, what are you working for your legacy to be?
Regardless of disability, I want to show the world when you truly believe in yourself you can become anything you put your mind to!  Some may perceive me as “flawed” or “different” because I have one hand but I want to break the social/media norm.  My mission is to inspire, encourage and empower people with or without physical disabilities to pursue their dreams against any adversity and embrace their flaws through my creative expression: acting, dancing and singing.  I ultimately do what I do to inspire and impact even just one life.  I hope my story/outlook and persistent drive will make a positive impact on a much higher platform!

Game-changer is a phrase often used but rarely executed. Who has helped propel you to reach a level in your career where you are now being recognized as a game-changer?
My incredible foundation: parents, sister and boyfriend.  They’ve never stopped supporting and believing in me, therefore I believe in myself.  They give me the courage to spread my wings and fly every day.  In a city of such levels of diversity, I feel as if I am more than just an actress, just an athlete, just a model, just an inspirational role model.  I now believe* I am a gamechanger.

How much of who you are as an artist and a professional in your field is directly linked to where you came from? How much has being from LA contributed to developing your perspective?
Growing up with a musician father, I was within reach the music and entertainment industry since I could remember.  I grew up in the film & entertainment capital.  I’ve always had larger than life dreams but I feel as if LA nurtures my artistic passion, allowing me to make those dreams my reality.
For me, acting is a reflection of true life.  I want to inspire people to feel and truly live.  Living in such a diverse community, what better place to study human behavior and culture.   LA is art & creativity.

Who or what did you think about on those times when it was rough to get up and do work?
We all can feel overwhelmed with uncertainty at times.  I try to adjust my doubtful thinking and remind myself that everything has a significant purpose.  I do experience the world in a way that I’d like my family & friends to see, so whether I chose this role or not, I choose to teach so that others can live happier, more fulfilled lives.  When I was told it would never be the same, I worked harder and stayed true to my passion of performing.  I want to encourage those with similar situations: ”Don’t be afraid to show the world exactly who you are!”

Did Rakim get it right when he said, ‘Cause it ain’t where you’re from, it’s where ya at…”
Absolutely.  “Where ya at..” it absolutely state of mind.  Stay Passionate!  Stay connected, be present and feel blissful now!

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