I Love keeping it interesting with as many positive topics here on IbelieveandBecome; there’s just so much in life to get excited about and be inspired by 🙂  Whether it’s teaching, pushing limits, living healthy, enlightened lives, the inspirational stories & daily affirmations I share always seems to have one common underlying factor: it’s filled with LOVE.  I do what I do because I LOVE to help, make a difference, create awareness & learn to discover; leading others & myself to a positive stairway to blissful living 🙂

February makes me happy with all the LOVE floating around.  I hope you all had a LOVING, HAPPY Valentine’s this year!  Even if spent solo, congrats!  You could celebrate with your greatest Love of all, yourself!!!  I heard, “when you Love Yourself you’ll always wake up with someone you Love!”;)  LOVE: you can’t touch it, hear it, taste it, smell it…we feel it.  It’s a universal ingredient to humanity from the beginning of time.  Without indulging in extreme relationship stories (we all have tendencies to reflect) let me fill in the blanks.  I experienced a type of love at a pretty young age; it was hard for me not to desire companionship once I got a taste of it.  When I was finally strong, or should I say smart enough to get out what turned a toxic, unhealthy relationship (as most first loves generally are), the quest to find “the one” was one big Goldie Hawn romantic comedy, except there was absolutely no humor in the reality of heart-BREAK, endless, wasted date nights with “Mr. potential”, &/or many lonely, empty nights.  I endured such heart ache & the concept of never finding True Love left me feeling hopeless & on the verge of a quarter-life crisis, so I thought…so dramatic!  It’s hilarious now that I’m not actually living the viscous single life cycle.  I was never the one to truly embrace the single lifestyle but I always admired you girls who could.  I’m a hopeless romantic what can I say!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast with the girls & would never take back all the life lessons I learned on my own, as I was finding my true independence, but at the end of the day I naturally seeked companionship.  It wasn’t until I stopped searching “out there”, as in outside of myself, to find happiness, did I find peace.  In other words, once I gave up the obsession of thinking someone would make me happy, or those shoes can bring happiness, maybe the perfect role, “ok I’ll settle for a mani, pedi, massage today”, or if only I had those unrealistic diamond earrings??  These material “things” were nothing more than objects outside of myself.  Finally, I had a “revelation”: if the definition of happiness is defined only as feeling found within oneself, how could these outer things bring or mean happiness?  It’s contradictory; they couldn’t & never did.

I began to genuinely feel Love within & for my self, my life!  In return I found peace within Chauntal.  Not everyone will experience the small degree between life & death, but as I say, a Gift of perspective opened my eyes to appreciate the beauty I never before noticed I carried within myself.  Naturally, I then attracted one of the most loving, nurturing individuals I could have ever asked for.  When I, at one point in my life felt helpless & convinced that maybe True Love just wasn’t in my cards, I realize now that I wasn’t fully loving & appreciating myself therefore the guys/boys, even friends I was attracting at that time were truly just a reflection of where I was with myself.  Lame! Haha.

For some of you, perhaps you’re just glad to have this Valentine’s behind you; no more hearts, roses & teddy bears. Ick!  But I encourage you to embrace this universal language we all have within us & give yourself permission to love yourself entirely, with all the love in the world.  Love every ounce of you!  I know, easier said than done.  Perhaps you aren’t fully loving you & validate these negative feelings toward yourself because you continue habits of making bad decisions that keep you feeling guilty: lying, cheating, over indulging, self destructive thoughts or behaviors about yourself or others.  Now I don’t have the healing answers for moral battles, I can only suggest you take the 1st steps: ask for guidance & want to change, to be happy now.  There’s two choices: You can feel good or bad!  I assume you want to feel good right?  You want the people around you to make you feel good & visa-versa?  It takes a type of practice & reconditioning of the state of mind…When you find the Love within, those you attract into your life will be a beautiful reflection of your inner peace*

The individuals that are in or not in your life aren’t by chance or default (ok sometimes, crazy long lost cousins, no choice…) But the beauty about most relationships you create are that these are chosen family members. Love yourself & true loving individuals will love you!  Affirm  to yourself  “I draw even MORE love to me as I give my love away.”

“Loving people live in a loving world. Hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world.” ~ Good ole Dr. Dyer, says it again. Give Love & unconditional acceptance to all you encounter today! *c

One thought on “FOR THE LOVE…

  1. Very inspiring and “realistic”, at the same time “wise” and “brilliant”. I have a blog site as well I am going to start a new site very soon and transfer all of my own blogs to it but in the meantime this is the site I started with a partner over a year ago and in the meantime still use to video blog etc.

    I love your work and I honor your openness to share and serve the world through your own experience and love.

    Candace 😉


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