A wise man once said…..

I can’t give too much more away, but last week, working with Bruce Dern was quite a surreal experience. He immediately looked at me & said, “Play the game & just dance with me.  You are magical.” WE DANCED!!! From someone who’s been in the game, living publically private on screen for decades, indeed there were magical moments of wisdom & classic tales…one after another, after another…and another 😉  It was endearing, insightful & made me remember why I started & love acting more & more every day.  Not to mention we were thrown a 7 page dialogue scene by the end of the night.  Rather than underestimating my abilities, I trusted & we worked hard together.  Bruce reminded me we were a team, “There’s no “I” in team…& you my dear are an incredible parter.”  He thanked me!  That day he made me feel like his partner & equal regardless of the years of mastery he had in the business.  Sometimes theres that one “wise man” who comes along at the right time reinforcing the confidence & validation you need to hear.  Everyone could use some positive reinforcement & a challenge to understand you are capable & exactly where you are suppose to be.  “The right teacher will appear when the student is ready.”  I received just the knowledge I needed to hear that day to take a step back & embrace the moment after grueling, long, dark hours and say, “Chauntal, you are more than capable, you are Possible & keep doing what you do.”  Encourage those around you to let their light shine! More updates to come.

See more photos @ http://www.facebook.com/album.phpaid=42450&l=1ab2c4e07c&id=121856547836919

One thought on “A wise man once said…..

  1. Thanks for sharing! Sometimes it isn’t the words, it’s who says them to you. We all are in the struggle to find happiness, peace, prosperity….but continuing to stay motivated can be hard. You are moving through life with grace and courage. I hope you continue to be a roll model for everyone around you.

    Peace and Blessings


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