10K with ME & NIKE+

OK my lovelies! Lace up those running shoes, the official 10K Nike+ She Runs LA is here: this Wednesday April 27, 2011! Yes it’s going to be AMAZING! Event details @ WWW.SHERUNSLA.COM but here’s the game plan for all my loveliest supporting & celebrating team Believe & Become with me!

We will meet @ 6:15 sharp @ the Nike store @ The Santa Monica place off Broadway & 3rd street Promenade. We will be running with a few other Nike runners. Like I said we have 24 hours to finish, so go at ur own pace. After, I’ll have dinner & drink reservations at roof top of SM Place at my face new Mexican restaurant La Sandia ….margaritas & yummy mexi, treat ourselves, we’ll deserve it! Be sure to register ASAP @ http://www.SheRunsLA.com Powered by Nike : http://www.signmeup.com/SD2VVJ7

Ok, I know some of us are still super hesitant when we hear 10k!!? It’s actually only 6.2 miles, with the option of walking, strolling, running like a champ, your choice! I’m asking you more in support of being healthy enough, young enough, strong enough, blessed enough, CAPABLE enough to simply walk &/or run with other awesome women…& you’ll be helping me spread the word: Believe and Become! It’s again a celebration of empowering individuals; be a part of something bigger than our daily routines of life by challenging your body, mind & spirit!


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