Thanking YOU

Last Friday, I sat in a bright white room for about 6 hours, with two amazing artists.  The art of prosthesis.  It was a magical day!  The 2 year process:  fittings, revision surgery, more healing to finally getting a mold, then the glove, the socket, to the fit, to the re-fits, to finally duplicating my hand… ART!  This was my last prosthetic appointment before the much anticipate delivery day!!!! The tedious color matching to every pigment in my skin tone down to the veins, wrinkles, freckles, tan 🙂 Impeccable! I did not mind the wait; I had this time to appreciate every individual who is making this prosthetic possible for me!

This line of work is life changing; one person at a time.  When we finished the creation after the 6th hour, we held  the beautiful masterpiece to the side where a hand once existed; words cannot describe what my prosthesis Stefan at Aesthetic Prosthetics, my family & everyone who contributed to my fundraiser for this piece back in 2009 have done for me!  I am just so grateful, appreciative & blessed… Over these 2 years of discoveries & reforming a new life for myself, I am proud to say that I have the capacity to still love myself, my body in particular.  I’m aware by my surrounding blessings & appreciate this Life more than ever though I look down every day to discover, I am not whole or “normal” anymore.  Unfortunately, it’s conflicting when I was not “born this way”, I’ve reformed this way!  Losing my hand, finding a new life, embracing & evolving!

Friday I got a glimpse of, again, a new kind of me; what a beautiful opportunity I now have with the option to feel like the girl I grew up with for 24 years, with 2 hands! & ultimately, make those tedious daily tasks a little easier for me wfheew! Thank you my dearest family & friends! I’ve always felt complete because I have you all, but that day I felt whole! My heart felt whole.  It’s beautiful!  I can’t wait to show you my new bracelet.  Thank you, with all my heart!!!! <3<3<3

3 thoughts on “Thanking YOU

  1. Hi there!
    i like this post because i see that you have too much courage to understand such a difficukt situation in which you understand that you have to be happy with your whole body.
    i’m a Spanish girl whowas born without the left hand. i have no complex, some people don’t like and some people do. Just be yourself, and care about what they say.

    if you need to talk with somebody that could understand you, just add me at my facebook! 😉

    Ana Scissorhand


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