Expand your vision & dare to live….beyond…..

One can never prepare for the unpredictable. You’d be surprised just how capable & beyond you are when you don’t resist but embrace; you can “Live the Life you always imagined” or why settle there?  Better yet, expand your vision & dare to LIVE beyond those childhood dreams!  Think big, LIVE bigger!

I get so excited when I’m touched with personal experiences & receive stories that confirm this philosophy.  I don’t know much more about this courageous woman other than this post in response to my docu story on YouTube http://youtu.be/mZm96EaOVaU

“I can relate, also. October 8, 2009 I was in an automobile accident and lost my left arm halfway between the shoulder and elbow. I was also pregnant at the time, and really unsure about how I would handle being a one-armed mom. My daughter was born May 5, 2010 – healthy, 8lbs. 3oz., and I have really done okay. It is really amazing how the human body can adapt. Believe and become really is the key. Best wishes, Chantal, from a “sister”. ~ charlotte39DD

It’s uplifting to hear the strength in this special woman as she chose LIFE rather than living in an “Idea” of what she may have perceived Life could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been.  You can live the life you always imagined in addition to fulfilling dreams you never thought possible!  Your life, YOU are constantly evolving & possibility is awakened when you just Live, Let go & Trust…

I must share when I am truly moved & enlightened.  I sometimes underestimate the importance of spreading awareness & sharing inspirational stories like Charlotte has with me; perhaps we shy away from being redundant or the cliche “Inspirational quote of the day”, but I like to think that someone, somewhere will tune in, absorbing exactly what they need to hear…which is what Charlotte did for me.  Give Hope.
I believe, when you are aligned In Spirit you can attract the inspiration you need…and everything becomes brighter, clearer & kind of sparkly 🙂

So for my next post, this story has encouraged me to be brutally open, honest & take the risk of being perceived as weak or vulnerable, because perhaps by sharing, I’ll help or touch just one individual today….I fulfill a purpose!  This hits very close to home with my initial fears about being an efficient wife & mother, a caretaker.  I already feel slightly relieved knowing I can share my story & give back what I’ve already received …. …. Till Part 2, a vulnerable side, “Happiness is just a positive thought away” ….Have a blessed night & Thank You!!!!!!

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