Why did you show up today?

Believe and become? Is an avenue for people to discover what it is they want in this life & by power of positive thought, believing “I CAN”, you will become.  Whether it’s health, prosperity, success, Love, balance, that you “show up” for every day, you can have whatever you focus your heart & mind on, & beyond. I dedicate sharing my experience to inspire individuals with or without disabilities to live happier, healthier & more fulfilled lives & BEcome who you are meant to be. xx


Do you wake up INspired or does something or someone come along where you, for a moment become still and feel the power of inspiration…In spirit? I can’t quite say I’m in a constant meditative state but I’d like to say I’m in a constant motivated state; an urge to learn more, be more and evolve beyond.  It’s taken some time but I don’t wait for something to come along to open my eyes to then feel the urge to do something.  I started to just become inspired, be inspired, be the inspiration. Interesting enough, I attracted more & more circumstances, people, situations that inspire me throughout my days.

Yesterday, in my fitness class, the instructor asks the class, “Why are you here today? Let that be your intention and get what you want”.  A few reasons I thought…then in a flash, an inspired thought of why I was really there: to give Love to myself so that I could give more Love to others. The biggest gift of all.  Only when you do you, your mind, your body good, you then have the capacity to give all that and more to everyone.  Self love inspires others around you to reflect that love.

Keeping this intention throughout the spinning class, I realized my true intention was in fact to inspire!  As I fought through the burn, the pain, the hills, the race was on to inspire just one, or two, or a whole generation to do the same; to reach goals and new levels of achievements in life, whether in your job, relationships, education, a new hobby, reaching potentials of the highest success you never knew you even had in you.  Amazed by this athlete to my left, his energy and his strength INspired me.  As he challenged his personal limits, I worked a little harder myself.  I wanted to keep up with this guy.  When the ride was over, he took the time to find find me just to express, “Wow! I’ve been cycling my whole life & you are my new spinning Hero! I was so inspired by you, I tried to keep up with you the whole time. I’ve never ridden like that in my life! You are a true inspiration to me & to us all just by showing up”, and he thanked me.  ME? And that was it, a simple reminder….one person, one day at a time, I “show up” every day to Inspire and be inspired.  “WHY DID YOU SHOW UP TODAY?”

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