ONE Love

‎LOVE! The most powerful energy in the world. We breathe it, feel it, live it every day. “Give, and it will be given to you…for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.” Give more love & receive the abundance of positive & good!

We are ONE continuous, growing, moving community of Inspiration. As we share our own positive message(s) on a daily, let us not forget to pay it forward by spreading awareness for other individuals and their causes. We speak the same language…We are One.

Be encouraged. Be inspired. There are so many incredible sites/causes to get involved and give back in creative ways, to yourself and to others! Thank you for sharing the message of endless possibilities and joining me on this journey to Inspire love, change lives. .. ♥ Love is limitless.

Thank you for sharing mine as I continue to encourage your movement every day! Check out under Helpful Stuff @

ONE WORLD. ONE LOVE. LOVE for PEACE, HARMONY, UNITY and let your light flow … ..

One thought on “ONE Love

  1. Hi Chantel, I came across your website today and I just wanted to say I can’t see a single flaw in you. You are a very pretty woman. I learned a long time ago from a high school girlfriend that you need to look at the whole person and as my mom would have said warts and all. All our differences make us unique and interesting. – Dave


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