It’s October, my favorite!   Perhaps it’s all the dress up, in character & make “believe” that inspires us to feel alive & free, like a little kid on Hallows Eve…creative, imaginative, with a subtle reminder that we can be anything we want to be! 

My question is how will we become what we desire?  Simply ask yourself!  What do you want to accomplish today?  It starts with one inspired thought.  Inspired by the real opportunity to BEcome anything you like!  Every day I am going to ask myself what I’d like to accomplish & make my reality today; one positive accomplishment at a time, to live a little happier, healthier, more fulfilled each day!  Today I’d like to invite you to join me on how to create simple or BIG realities, asking what we want and making it happing.

Simple goals will inspire big dreams …

How will you make someone smile today?  What will make me one step closer to being healthier than I was yesterday?  What creative avenue can I bring into my life today? What do I wish to learn today?  What will I do to help someone today? I refrain from how questions, because it’s not about the how, just know what you wish to accomplish that perhaps you didn’t quite yesterday.  Plant the seed and nurture it with love, you’ll be surprised how self fulfilled you become just knowing you achieved what you said you would do!  Positive productivity is what I’m talking about!!!  Once we ask, we see the manifestation process come alive.  We start to observe, disect & formulate simple steps to making our True vision our reality.  It’s interesting how naturally affirmations follow:

I made someone smile today.

I ran 5 miles today instead of 2.

I pushed my limits.

I chose Veggie Grill instead on In n Out today.

I am one step closer to reaching my health-fit goal.

I wrote a short story today.

Wow, I really am creative.

I booked that show today!

I told a stranger she looked pretty, and I made her blush, smile…she said thank you.  


I am happy.

All because I said I would be or do!  HAPPY OCTOBER, FULL OF POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

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