Lesson taught. Lesson Learned.

I’ve mentioned a few times now that Life has been one big social experiment for me… and us all really, if we choose to perceive it as so.  It’s fascinating to observe how one perceives life to the next; to what is right, wrong, ugly, pretty, strange, normal…As I go about my days, I observe individuals fall into the moment just trying to process what happened to my hand or what it would be like to have just one hand themselves. Whether it puts their own life in perspective or generates loving compassion or simply redirects any negative thoughts to gratuitous thoughts, I am able to see people feel “something” as a pure, instinctual reaction. Children are the best; so honest with confusion, disparity or fear but mostly curiosity. The other day, 3 young girls walked passed me, whispering, looking back at me, not sure what to make of me. One tapped the others and turned back just to say, “I really hope your arm gets better”. Oh, bless her little heart, that’s what made sense to her. I smiled and said, “Thank you. I’m sure it’ll be just fine.” She smiled, and so did her friends. They all waved, “Bye! Have a good day!”. And that I did. That MADE my day 🙂 I find it so intriguing to observe the dynamics of human emotion while interpreting things to just make sense of it; make sense of the unconventional.  

On my last Mexican vacay, I was given quite the gift of perspective myself.  As I turn around, I’m being pointed at,  “Where’s her other one?” a little girl asked (en espanol).  I apparently didn’t even need to fully understand the language, but the look of compasion, dispair almost, confusion that took over her and her friends reminded me, that no matter where we come from, where we are or think that we are, even in a foreign land without words to connect us, the universal language amongst us ALL is LOVE. … for the people. Love amongst cities, cultures, old, young, the animals, birds, a leaf, a petal, a dog, a stranger, a best friend, family 🙂 It lies within every single one of us. The key is how we give it on a daily.

The funny thing is the kids initially just wanted to sell me some bracelets, but forgot all about their hustle for a bit.  One child finally approached me.  My favorite little guy who cleaned floors for $10 a day at Harvey’s (a classic Cuban restaraunt on the boardwalk).  A bit of fear, I read in his eyes, he asked “¿qué sucedió?” (what happened?) pointing to my arm…I just smiled, responding with, “es ok!  Tengo solamente un mano pero im vivos y im feliz!” (It’s ok. I have only one hand but I’m alive and I’m happy!)  Something like that, but he understood quite well and he giggled.  After continuing to answer his valid questions for about 10 minutes (an inquisitive little mind he had), I saw a shift.  For something he once saw as undefinable or just plain weird was no longer threatening.  In fact the kids began to reenact my car accident with explosion, brake noises, video game, action-packed, film sound effects.  I laugh at this little interpretation, when he says, “usted es tan fresco!”  I asked Harvey to translate, he says “They think you are so cool…like SUPER HERO!”  It was so endearing, I wanted to cry!  I’m cool!  Before we parted ways, they wanted to see up close and realized I wasn’t hurt, nor was I sad or angry.  In fact I taught a beautiful lesson that day.  A simple lesson of Life I guess.  With a couple lemons and fruit on display, so these growing minds could comprehend, I pretty much summed it up with, “When life gives you lemons, you just gotta make strawberry* lemonade”….

Sometimes, is Life hard? Confusing? Undefineable? Well of course it is. I’ve learned no es bueno at times but it’s life and very real and we get to do it together, as one: una vida feliz!  Although I do have a constant reminder of life’s unexpected pain or inexplainable, I feel a sureal compassion and graitude that He did not take me and once in a lifetime encounters with my little amigos at the Harvey’s lounge that day, I rejoice for I am very much alive! To understand LOVE and we all do….nothing is insignificant.  Whether you love that song, that joke, your lunch, a movie, your mother, father, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, stranger… to a city, to a memory…When you Live in Love, there is no barrier to connect us and understand anything in this universe. Thank you. Lesson taught. Lesson learned.

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