Happy & Thankful!

Thankful. Thankful. Thankful. All week, All day, Always! Another beautiful year of love, blessings & gifts life continues to give.  Once more, Thank You.  When I ask this simple question “What am I most thankful for?” how could I ever sum it up? Well, simple.  My ever evolving life of possibility, discovery, knowledge, laughter, lessons, inspirations, and unlimited LOVE to give & receive.  All things that make up this journey we embark on every day.  Just how fortunate we are to Live in it (that’s me trying to simplify all the good 😉  The foundation of life, I believe is granted in the simple things we perhaps unconsciously take for granted.  But is our definition of simple more like a foundation of abundance…I have a job, good health, a home, food, a car, clothes, amaing friends & family, I have this moment and this breath of Life.  Whoaaaa! I just described my life!!  Healthy happy blessed.  I Love my life, my friends, my family, my opportunity!  One day I literally just started substituting the word life with gift, for mine was put in perspective of glory and blessings rather than lack there of; I guess what we all consider the simple things really is the essence of life! I do remind myself not to take these good things for granted.   It was confirmed that my body, possessions, external experience did not define me.  Daily obstacles seemed to take over my new normal, at one point, but my strength, defeat and power to wake up to really live & overcome, I recognize is my biggest gift, within.  Being able to smile when things get tough.  I am most thankful to understanding the Truth; my Truest self within.  A way of life, a practice if you will, thats ever evolving & always room for growth but I just feel grateful for my higher understanding and relationship with God and self than I ever knew. Here’s to the happiest Holiday season yet.  Thanking friends & family & you.  Peace. Love. Blessings to all!

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