An Invitation to Step into the Unknown

…. “Follow the white rabbit”.  Growing up, I always found something far more magical about Alice in a Wonderland full of discoveries and unpredictable surprises. Following an unexpected, unseen journey always takes courage and letting go of preconceived fears we hold over our lives.  This phrase always seemed to have some significant meaning, but I never thought I’d take it so literally until one little white bunny suddenly just “showed up” in my life.

My trip to the pet shop:  I literally walked into Peter’s Pets for little Nemo and came out with a white rabbit!  I’ve driven by this pet shop almost every day for the last 7 years and somehow never looked twice at it, till this day.  Looking for gadgets to entertain a random fish tank, the owner of Pete’s quietly walked up behind me, pulling out a prized little white dwarf bunny.  He intentially kept it safe behind the desk to ensure met only it’s perfect parents.  I was instantly compelled to take a leap of comittment and “follow the white rabbit”…well, give it a new home; a happy home 🙂  This little guy was meant to be in my life, instantly representing new direction and new possibilities.

That night I decided to do my research about the simple care for baby dwarf bunnies and I became invested & intrigued by old philosophies on the white rabbit.  These adorable, non threatening, doe eyed little creatures may not be the most dominant of animals, in fact a bit timid, frightened, fearful as they are target prey by nature, instinctually living in survival mode.  However, the oldest and most relevant philosophies were clearly symbolic signs of entering the unknown and “embracing unpredictability while leading to new beginnings”.   It is said, only if the white rabbit presents itself into your life, not the other way around, then are you encouraged to acknowledge the omen; to trust the new direction or path life is about to take, or even, a new spiritual awakening.  Chasing or trying to find the “lucky rabbit” or any symbol of better luck for that matter only reinforces your fear that you may be unlucky, potentially falling down the rabbit hole.  Perhaps falling down a dark tunnel and waking up in wonderland one day might not be as colorful or magical as portrayed in the classic fairy tale.  It may leave you feeling defeated with uncertainty, wondering how you ever ended up in this land of “wonder”.

A constant search or chase for the next best thing implies you believe your current state is not worthy.  One cannot force one’s spiritual awakening, but when you are receptive and honest in your own peace and love, the perfect piece you felt perhaps missing will show up to complete your “puzzle”.  I believe this journey will take you exactly where you need to go.  I feel we all flourish with change; a chance for the better or good of any kind.  Opening up new directions and following a path you may not have imagined possible may be the best thing to happen to you.  Just say YES, and see the abundance of new possibility show up.

I find what my little white rabbit tale has taught me can be incorporated in my every day life. If you wish to see & do & be something bigger or more True to your spiritual path, just say Yes! and embark on new journeys ahead!  Be lead to new discoveries.

“There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect….Often, the soul recognizes its choices before the rational mind has time to process the information.**” Follow the white rabbit!!

Thanks Mr. Binks  ❤

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