Tis the season to be healthy and feel beautiful!

Hope we ALL had a Merry Merry Christmas!  Just a few more days to get excited and motivated for a New Year…and New You! Approaching 2012 BELIEVE, DECLARE, BECOME…HAPPY & HEALTHY!  Sometimes finding that HEALTHY balance can be complicated, especially during the holidays when food should be celebrated and appreciated with loved ones.  Check out easy steps to stay fit and fabulous this holiday and bring in a healthy, happy New Year: HEALTHY HOLIDAY TIPS  After Christmas parties and Christmas feast(s), a common response might be, “Ok, starting the New Year my diet starts!  Left overs, truffles and goodies all week!”  Awesome!  Have fun as long as it’s not an icky, guilty post-Xmas regret!  The key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and consistent active routine all year long so that a splurge once, twice or however many times you feel is a good balance FOR YOU doesn’t feel like a huge FAIL or setback.  When surrounded by yummy treats, celebrate!  Send love and bless the gifts rather than punishing your natural delights.  Tis the season to embrace and find “balance” and bless your holiday feast!

LOVE YOURSELF: “If not Now then when?” 2012!!!!

“Nothing looks as good as healthy feels!”  In an image obsessed culture, how do we escape the irrelevant, insignificant “beauty” obsessions and developed complexes for many that TV, magazines and media over-saturate our society with? Is there a balance?  Some may be unaffected and dissattached from the desire to conform to what is projected as “beautiful”, while others clearly make it abundantly obvious that they are trying every trick, tact, gimmick to appear a little thinner and prettier.  Some even go as far as creating a prosperous facade with more credit card debt on name bands than education. Devastating shows like Toddlers or Housewives or Bridal-plasty leave viewers subconsciously believing this is just what human priorities have evolved to.  How we’ve been conditioned to perceive this thing called beauty might lead to scary internal battles for some, especially for our younger generations.  I understand there wouldn’t be such beauty-culture takeover if a simple desire wasn’t for us all to feel & be beautiful but what is the healthy balance?  Does one ever fully reach their health-fit-fab goals?  Or do most live in constant desires/obsessions to be a little thinner, prettier, younger OR BETTER THAN…?

It is unfortunate there isn’t more emphasis on self LOVE and the “true beauty that shines from within” when so many are convinced “something” in the external world, including outside appearance, can possibly “fix” what’s broken in an ugly, internal world.  You must love your body, not just your image.  When you stop striving to be “skinny” and start putting simple efforts towards being healthy your weight and image will probably take care of itself, and be quite rewarding!  Maintaining an active lifestyle all year round is the key to looking and feeling AMAZING.  A combination of exercise, smart snacking, balanced nutrition, organic produce and ingredients, vitamins to meet special needs of our bodies can soon take the place of toxic indulgences.  Junk food, heavy oils and butter, fried anything, refined sugars and over-processed foods only leave you feeling gross, guilty, tired and unhealthy. “…let healthy be the new beautiful.”

Healthy isn’t a phase or crash diet.  Healthy eating is not about strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love either.  Rather it’s about feeling great about yourself, having more energy and keeping yourself as healthy as possible, all which can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and incorporating them into your life in a way that works for YOU.  Unless you have a serious illness or physical condition that keeps you from achieving an active lifestyle then “EXCUSES BEGONE!”.  Ironically, I meet more and more individuals with disabilities who are champions, literally.  They lead healthier lives and push their physical limits more than the average American.  Expand your range!!!  Use guidelines on health tips for creating and maintaining a satisfying, healthy life!  It may all seem to be quite an overwhelming, complicated shift at first but the benefits will change your life, literally.

Staying fit and having your ideal body image really is not complicated regardless of all the new fabricated “ho-to’s” and painful rules.  It’s simple really.  Either there is an obvious health benefit or it’s toxic.  No matter what health condition you consider yourself in, we all know the difference of what nurtures the body and what hurts it.  It’s only for you to decide to break bad habits and comit to health conscious choices rather than what you grew up thinking or getting away with as a kid.  I remember McDonalds on the way to dance class and after a crazy sweaty workout, spaghetti for dinner with more mozzerella cheese than tomato sauce.  I never thought twice about pizza weekly, flaming hot Cheetos and Snickers, Cold Stones weekly, fried chicken, everything dipped in ranch or perhaps a large cobb salad with layers of gorgonzola cheese, ham & high cal dressing.  In moderation, it can’t kill you but regardless, portions should be very minimal and there’s absolutely NO nutritional value.  This behavior as well as depriving yourself of food and crucial nutrients we need is by far the number one cause of scary illnesses, diseases, diabetes and cancer.  There are far too many additives, perservatives, pesticides, processed ingredients that truely affect not only the obvious obesity problem in America but our overall health and alter our moods, restricting us from a healthy state of mind.  Made up of chemicals ourselves, when combined with addictive chemicals in “comfort foods” we may experience a short lived stimulation only leaving you less satiated, wanting more and feeling week and like crap.  Whether too much or too little, neglect leads to deterioration of the body and permanent damage in some cases, just as any other substance abuse would.

Craving are great, telling our bodies what we are lacking, just learn to find the healthy alternative (fruit over cupcakes! … most of the time:)  It’s interesting what natural foods we tend to crave once we cut the junk and the fat: water rather than soda, fruits & veggies!   We can recondition our habitual routine to balance our meals and reach our nutritional goals.  Like I said, nothing looks as good as healthy feels…you may not see results immediately but not to get discouraged.  Before you know it you have more energy & feel stronger!

As a woman, I think a common, practical goal is to preserve and promote a youthful lifestyle.  I do believe in a healthy image.  It represents good care taking and an appreciation and love for oneself.  When one is careless & unloving to the body, you can practically see the toxins visibly seeping out of their skin.  There should always be a healthy yet stimulating relationship to food & exercise, & every relationship in that case; to learn from, to work through, to understand and to appreciate:) Here’s even more tips to “balance” yourself throughout the Holidays and all year long!  :

I promote and encourage HEALTH, for the body, mind & spirit.  Preserving a youthful mind & body means more energy, longevity for life’s daily trials, capacity to learn more & more & teach even more…”a healthy mind is open & receptive to everything … ”  Be receptive to all the LOVE that surrounds you this holiday season.  True beauty radiates from peace & a light that shines from within.  Happiness is the best makeup!  Healthy, happy, thankful Holidays to us all!

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