I keep learning that Gratitude is the path to the peace we all seek…

Starting off a New Year means resolutions and goals for the year to come!   While visions are key to creating the life you want, it’s a wonderful time to also reflect on all the greatness you have accomplished that lead you to exactly where you are today, right NOW!! It’s healthy and imperative that we want to improve, break bad habits and evolve in all positive aspects of life, but let’s also not neglect our efforts and achievments in our every day lives.  I can count 2012 Blessings, literally, but there are a few that stand out that make me BELIEVE in myself and us as one, more than ever!  Think and speak of what you’re grateful for, it’s how you keep it coming.  Write it down, make a list or say it directly to all who have given you love, support or help, in any way … from your local barista, teacher, mailman, boss, parents, a stranger who smiled at you and made you genuinely smile back … say THANK YOU!  And that includes yourself.  When you focus on what you have and are thankful for, your abundance increases.

I have climbed mountains to reach this point in my life.  It wasn’t until I found my peace within Chauntal when everything else that showed up in my life started to be a perfect reflection of that inner peace.  Things began to make sense, I had moments of discovery & clarity that I had never experienced before.  Why is it that sometimes one’s tragedy might be one’s biggest blessing of all?  This seemed to be my experience in 2009, when I lost my left hand in a car accident.  When they say everything happens for a reason but you feel confused, lost, in pain, hurt or just indefferent, it may feel like just another stupid cliche.  However, all the lessons, the change, the readapting, learning, teaching, embracing and NOW inspiring, I believe, was and is filled with significant purpose, down to every little detail…because 2 and a half years later, I see how a LOT of things “happened for a reason”.

  Searching, fighting, confused, hoping something “out there”, as in outside of my mortal being, would bring me happiness or make me forever happy, slowly faded away this past year!  It’s not “out there” when True happiness is the True self within.  For all the pain, confusion, grief, and constant attempts to better myself, it was all for a reason because I live in a whole new world that I would have never known existed if I hadn’t.  I think there’s something for us all to look back on and think “If I hadn’t got through that, which totally sucked at the time, I wouldn’t be where I am or who I am today!”  Subliminal Blessings are God’s Angels in disguise.


Reflecting on 2011…Challenges. Achievements. Growth.  I definitey set goals, that I can proudly say I achieved.  Some exactly as I imagined and some that came to fruition in more miraculous ways than I could have ever expected.  But overall, I worked hard last year.  I was challenged by life itself & I challenged myself as well.  Emotionally, mentally & physically!  Literally.  The hard work is still paying off.

  • After my successful revision surgery late 2010 (removing painful nueromas to shave the bone down, pulling muscle back around the edge of the bone) I was on my way to recovery and determined early 2011!   Although I felt as if I had to start all over with healing, emotionally and physically (I was forced to revisit a pain so indescribably, no human being should ever have to endure).  I was able to refit, revise and finish my long awaited prosthetic in February.  My masterpiece was delivered!  In that process of healing and waiting, the payoff was worth every tear.  Putting the pain behind me in 2012!  It’s a new year my friends; these are only tears of pure happiness!  I can truly appreciate the struggle, for that was one battle that surely made me stronger.  Talk about growth!!!  The support from my friends and family who made this possible, gave me a promissing year of new beginnings and new possibilities, that opened up for me all year 😉  I want to shout this one: THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! BLOG-LINK:  http://wp.me/p10o1y-cu
  • I finished a full length feature film, with ONE hand!  Something I at one point thought would never be my reality again, but I Believed!  I have grown so much in my work, I really surprised myself at times!  It wasn’t an easy road by any means being the first real job working with my new self.  I was blessed to work with the incredible Bruce Dern who exposed a lot of new found confidence in myself as an artist: We “danced and just lived”!  I was also able to finish pick up shots using my prosthetic after receiving it at the end of the shoot.  My first time with 2 hands again on film.  I was working with a great actor, Clifton Powell, and no joke, 6 hours later, just us 2, he was shocked when I finally joked, “Oh this isn’t mine…” (my hand that is)!  He was amazed at how uncanning and he never thought twice or once noticed!  This proved to me that it IS possible!!!  With or without a hand, I am capable!   This was a huge badge of honor.  As I wrapped a full feature it not only validated me as a true innovator in my craft but my efforts and persistence; a testament that you can become whatever you set your heart and mind on.  I will persue what I love most and never give up!  Please look out for Toolbox Murders 2 in 2012! BLOG-LINK: http://wp.me/s10o1y-702
  • I’ve comitted to my health, nutrition & exercise regimen that works BEST for my body.  I always struggled with what to do, not to do, to eat, not to eat.  I’ve maintained my perfect weight, muscle tone & have a consistent workout plan I’ve been committed to for over a year.  It’s so much fun & the results have been very rewarding, it’s worth every drop of sweat.  This is a huge success for me.
  • I maintained the most loving, nurturing, healthy relationship I’ve ever been in my life.  I’ve trusted another being unconditionally; opened my heart to love myself & give him all the love within because we deserve it.  Like any other relationship, it takes unbreakable commitment and hard work.  You have to be fearless & selfless to embrace this kind of love.  I arrived.  That goes for all my relationships.  My incredible family and friends continue to grace and fuel me every day!
  • I challenged my personal limits so much this year that I became the strongest athlete that I could possibly be.  I’ve always had super intense endurance but this year was different.  I wasn’t on a team, dance, gymnastics, cheer, cross fit, like I’ve done in the past.  There would be a coach or myself as captain, leading exercises but cutting back just as the team hit a “mark”.  With or without my hand, I was determined to find strength in myself spiritually & physically & be the strongest me I could possibly be.  I ran miles, 10 at times just because, hiked mountains, never let up in spin class weekly; I pushed so hard and it wasn’t for anyone else but myself!  It’s given me the most liberating new perspective on myself.  I CAN do anything!
  • I created this website and commit to this Blog/site!!!  It started as an outlet to inspire, encourage & motivate individuals on a higher platform to living happier, healthier lives!  Including myself.  I’ve learned so much along the way, from myself but mostly from you.  I consistently focus my energy and experience, good and maybe not so good at times, to help and teach others! http://www.ibelieveandbecome.com is a year & a half old!  I look back and read older posts, some surprising myself; I feel accomplished seeing how much the more recent posts have evolved, in my writing, my creative concepts I use to keep this site fresh and alive, and ultimately, my capacity to give and feel more Love.
  • Which leads me to my final achievement.  I’m that much closer to making Believe&Become a non-profit organization where I can really start giving back.  2012 here we come!  Thank you for all your support, love and inspirational mail and “Thank You’s”.  This inspires me to keep challenging myself, keep learning, keep discovering, keep teaching, keep fighting and keep INSPIRING!

I’ve always been told that I never give myself enough credit, I’m my worst critic & way too hard on myself (still a few areas I’ll be working on in the new year 😉  But I give myself permission to really appreciate & celebrate life right now because as I reflect, I feel proud of 2011!  I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the Life ahead…Hopes & dreams really do manifest because when you truly BELIEVE you BECOME*  2012: to be a True testament, I continue to Believe and Become!!!

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