Your Piece to the Puzzle … The Big Picture

Sometimes life can seem like one mysterious, never ending PUZZLE.  Here lies this beautiful universe filled with picture perfect pieces scattered all around us, each equally significant to potentially completing our “BIG picture”.  Sometimes we come across pieces that seem to be without purpose or reason.  OR sometimes, when they say “it all happens for a reason!”, well  perhaps it’s because what comes into our lives is with absolute purpose!  Rather than perceiving life as scattered pieces, we can shift our focus and energy on the picture we are creating every day; the pieces will then align and that perfect “one” you’ve been looking for will appear.  The beauty is that these objects already exist to create a clear picture, just as the cover to the puzzle box displays the visual of a picture that the scattered pieces will, without a doubt, create (if worked on with focussed and persistent efforts).

Sometimes, you may find yourself getting upset or feel defeated because you’re not able to find an exact piece for an exact space but you always KNOW when it just doesn’t fit in that particular area, and you must move on!!!  Why is it that we will inevitably still try to force it, knowing it will never fit, literally … in hopes for the picture we created in our mind rather than what actually connects with our heart and our soul.  Hopefully, you remove the piece before you even get a chance to realize it’s forced to fit, or worse, get stuck and tangled with another that was never a True “match” for you from the start.  Although we can try over and over again, when it’s not the right ONE, you know it’s time to align yourself with the connecting pieces.  We must be aware when we face disconnecting pieces by being present, otherwise stuck (in life) like a toddler, not only physically and mentally but emotionally perhaps; unable to start the puzzle let alone complete any part of it and stuck in one place, trying to squeeze in all the wrong pieces.

However, no effort or piece gets thrown out.  When it doesn’t fit in one space, it may belong in another.  For instance, if you saw something or someone that appeared as if it would fit in the “Love of your life” category (we all, on some level, create for ourselves) but close up and connected it just won’t gel effortlessly and with ease in that space, it must belong somewhere else…like as a symbol of having a clear intention of what you Truly want or a lesson or getting you that much closer to appropriate and compatible, loving piece!  Instead of discouragement feel excitement because the right piece will always show up!  Yes, you know when you know, whether it’s right or it isn’t but trust the perfect piece is always right there, right in front of you and you are capable to finish any part of the puzzle you imagine…it always starts with one inspired thought.

I have always had a love for puzzles.  Here are thousands of scattered pieces, all significant in creating a piece of art; the BIG picture.  As the puzzle starts to come together, you see the picture more clearly.  Our lives being the most intricate one we are given to create at any given moment!  Each puzzle piece represents a unique aspect of who you are as a person.  As we go through life, we are constantly evolving and emerging in our special uniqueness: the essence of who we are.  An outside perspective may see you slowly emerge and change over time, much as a puzzle does as it is assembled piece by piece.  It evolves and some parts of the picture may be successfully completed at a faster pace, as others are a “work in progress”.  Every day we can take a step back and look at all we have created thus far and be enthusiastic as to what lies ahead.  Some pieces that we come across may seem like filler, or background but nothing is without purpose; without just one piece, the picture isn’t complete.  Wisdom is distributed in mysterious, sometimes misleading ways.  However, all the people, events and circumstances that take place in our lives offer bits and pieces* that complete us.  We are in fact one big puzzle piece ourselves and the picture of our lives would not be complete without one another.  One Love*

It’s important that a puzzle is not ignored out of boredom or denied out of frustration. Remember the picture already exists, whether you have a clear vision of it or not, as we lay out the foundation and the mystery of life will fill in inevitably but it’s your job to put it together.  Just trust it’s ALL a part of it: the people, circumstances, moments of clarity, lessons, tests, frustrations, enlightened new ways of thinking, of connecting you to the next perfect space…You can’t throw one away, it always leads to connect that next piece. You know the moment when you say, Yes!  That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!  It shows up always, YOU just got to show up mentally, physically, emotionally and just play.  Don’t give up!  Don’t let your puzzle stand still, there’s a bigger picture that awaits to be discovered. If you walk away, just know your puzzle isn’t going to put itself together.  There’s nothing worse than feeling incomplete or scattered, you just got to show up and play.  There may be the inevitable process of trial and error but the more focussed we become on what it is we want, the vision manifests into our physical reality with ease. The clearer and more specific the vision, the faster you get out there and get what you want. You got to know yourself to know what you’re looking for 🙂 So what picture do you see?  TRUST the pieces are all right there for you to create it.  Every piece made perfectly, connecting your visions with your journey, to complete YOUR, one of a kind, vibrant portrait!

(A little Christmas gift, I finished over the holidays:)  My Mom always seems to slip in that one, two, or sometimes too many gifts where she still thinks I’m her little 10 year old …. and I honestly always love them the most.  And how fitting. I ❤ puzzles. I <3<3 Television.  Complete.  Thanks!) XOX *CL

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