Celebration of LOVE

 … ..

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love.” ~ Sophocles

I hope you all had a LOVING, HAPPY Valentine’s Day!  Even if spent solo, congrats!  You could celebrate with your greatest Love of all, yourself!!!  A magical DAY and so grateful for another glorious one.  Two years ago, I was given not only the gift of Life but an overwhelming capacity to LOVE.  Love YOU all, love self, love strangers, weak, strong, rich, poor…love every day I wake up, breathe, and have another opportunity to give more love and welcome more love into my life.  Love is the positive force of life.

Also given a different kind of opportunity, I look down every day and see this significant reminder; that I survived not only a tragic, life changing event, but I conquer, overcome and survive the weight and pain of any day!  No matter what our circumstances are or “flaws” we define for ourselves, the heart and soul, the True self within, is indestructible and filled with an unlimited capacity to LOVE.  I’ve been blessed with the most incredible friends, family, strangers to new friends, all who have a story.  I’m honored for so many who open up to me, filling me with laughter and light.  This gives me pure reason to wake up and give back infinite LOVE!  “Love, though physically unseen is as real as air or water.  It is an acting, living, moving force.”  The most powerful energy in the world.  You can’t touch it, hear it, taste it, smell it…we feel it.  Love is the universal language amongst us all, from the beginning of time.

Breathe it, feel it, live it every day.  If you seek deeper relationships, companionship, more loving and friendly encounters with acquaintances or even strangers, give more love and receive the abundance of all things positive and good!  “Give, and it will be given to you…for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

I Thank YOU for sharing the IBelieveAndBecome.com message of endless possibilities and joining me on this journey to Inspire Love, change lives. .. ♥ Love is limitless.

Love is a light that shines from within.  Let your light flow* ONE WORLD. ONE LOVE.

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