Be a Believer in You.

“…She still speaks to the little girl who wanted to be an artist, a doctor, a poet, a wing-walker.  She listens when that little girl talks, when she paints pictures of the clouds, when she draws something magical in sidewalk chalk.  She makes her every day a place for old dreams and new dreams, dreams that tower and dreams that whisper…. I AM HER.”  WE are all meant to SHINE as children do.  We do no serve to the world and others around you by shrinking or playing small.  There is nothing enlightened by keeping your TRUE gifts inside.  Do not die with your music still within.  Share your harmony with the world! 

Have unfailing Faith in YOURSELF.

When you commit and fully believe in what you love to do, in your passions, the world too will be a believer in you!  I observe, when greater awareness and recognition expands for an individual, it is a result of their own belief in how amazing their product is; their product being themselves.  How do we become our own biggest fan and reveal, even promote our gifts to the Universe for the good of others and ourselves?  Believe in SELF!  Know your purpose is worthy of sharing with the world!!!

We all want to feel relevant in this Lifetime, whether in relationships, our job, our purpose to wake up every day.  We all are here to make our own mark on this world.  In truth, you are a living legend!  Right now.  Maybe you want to be the greatest mother, father, sister, daughter, actor, dancer, CEO, boss, employee, whatever roles we take on in this life, our purpose is fueled by relevance and making a difference for the good of others.   And at the same time, who or what makes it relevant or purposeful is YOU, and only YOU.  You create your own perceptions and interpretations of who “hears” you and “sees” you as significant.  NO ONE dictates your significance in this Universe but you.  If you feel honest, true and simply good about your work, LIVING your legend, you create and confirm your own relevance.

Most of us may resist putting ourselves “out there” in fear of rejection.  But what if that “fear” didn’t exist?  Instead of this self-imposed emotion, “FEAR”, replace it with embracing the unknown; trusting the moment and being receptive to where you place yourself day to day.  Would you approach your passion and your life differently today?  When you feel truly proud of something there’s a sense of freedom that comes with it, where you do not have to prove to one person just how incredibly awesome your doings are in life…You just ARE when you do it for the Love.  Finding that is the first success.  Simply ask yourself, when I am most at peace, happiest?  Be Honest.  Be True.  Is it honest and worthy to you?  You’ll be surprised then, who too will be a believer in you.  At that point, you will appreciate the praise but don’t care to give others the credit anymore with letting their perceptions define you.

Remember, Truth will always shine through and reveal itself.  I’ve fallen into underestimating the work I have invested in my life (“not enough”), especially as an artist and amputee, but I have also celebrated my talents and strengths, giving myself permission to feel accomplished and worthy!  The Truth is, the more confident and respect I have for my own efforts, talents and unique qualities, the respect I feel from others is a pure reflection of how I perceive myself. Today, focus on all the GREATness that you are and have accomplished thus far.  Anything and everything that YOU productively did that got yourself to where you are today, is a result created by you.  No one person outside yourself got you there.  The recognition and Love you deserve or seek is through YOU.

Living in LA, I sadly see talented, worthy, incredible human beings underestimate, compare themselves, then lose themselves in seeking recognition from the one’s they perceive to be “better” (rich, famous, cool) or more “recognized” (LIKED) than they.  Be careful on the emphasis you put on how others perceive you or your art/passion.  They do not CREATE you unless you let them.  Why would you start creating something only to let others finalize the the work YOU did for you, by letting them define it’s worthiness?  It makes no sense.  You did it.  Own it, unattached from what “they” say, “they” think or “they” feel.  Be a BELIEVER in YOU because you are the Creator of your OWN life.

“THE FUTURE belongs to those who BELIEVE in the BEAUTY of their OWN DREAMS.” 


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