BELIEVE AND BECOME supports and promotes Dove’s self-esteem education to help free the next generation from self-inhibiting, “self-limiting beauty stereotypes.”

The Believe And Become mission has been developed to enhance one’s Self-Esteem and to make a real change in the way individuals perceive beauty and embrace their own unique image.  Dove’s self-esteem fund targets young girls, expressing “When they feel positive about themselves and the way they look, they are more likely to engage in life, enjoy social interactions and live up to their full potential.”  B&B wants to expand!  We ask you to take part in supporting ALL children and young adults with disabilities to widen and enhance our perception of what we perceive to be beautiful.  Too many kids and young adults do not reach their full potential due to lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.  Now, imagine adding a physical disfigurement that inhibits every day activities and abilities that do not look like, let alone function like the rest of the world.  Children with disabilities including limb loss, paralysis and physical disfigurement may incrreasingly develop image disorders, social isolation, misconcieved occupational limitations, identity complexes, issues on sexuality, social acceptance/confidence and psychiatric disturbances such as body dimorphic disorder or depression.

Self-Esteem is central to everything we do and has an effect on every aspect of a person’s life.  It affects behavior and thoughts.  It changes how you feel about and value yourself.  The level of our self esteem determines how we operate in life – how we interact with others.  It determines our goals and what we strive for, our achievements, and our satisfaction and happiness in life.  Increasing numbers of children develop low self-esteem from developed complexes about looks, as young as 5 years old.  In a society believed to be an image-obsessed culture, self-esteem education can enhance and introduce our future generations to embrace their flaws, BELIEVE in themselves and BECOME who they want to BE.

To make change possible, we can all play a role to help free ourselves and the next generation from beauty stereotypes; one child, one person, one compliment at a time.  Inspiring each other and others.  It could be as simple as sending a word of encouragement to a young boy or girl in your life or supporting self-esteem education in your community.  The B&B mission promotes groups, organizations and individuals who are positive role models for our youth and disabled community.  Focussing our efforts to foster POSITIVE,  image-related self-esteem to girls and boys, with or without a disability, will create a solid foundation for our youth, establish self-confidence and inspire young generations to reach their full potential—no longer defined by loss, disability, “flaws” or poor self-esteem.  “By mentoring the next generation to celebrating real beauty in ourselves and others, we can open a world of possibilities for children everywhere.”

B&B SOCIAL MISSION: BUILD SELF ESTEEM AMONGST YOUNG BOYS AND GIRLS WITH DISABILITY, DISEASE OR ANY PHYSICAL DISORDER.  It is my mission to continue to provide the tools and support to individuals, groups and organizations. Off the top of my head, a couple resources include:

  • Dove Self-Esteem Programme: Building positive self-esteem in girls everywhere.
  • The Challened Athletes Foundation: “Established in 1997, the Challenged Athletes Foundation recognizes the athletic greatness inherent in all people with physical challenges and supports their athletic endeavors by providing unparalleled sports opportunities that lead to success in sports — and in life.”
  • Paddy Rossbach Youth camp:  “To make a difference in the lives of children with limb loss and limb difference by increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem through a traditional and supportive summer camp experience.”
  • “A place to share all of your amazing, unique flaws…learn to embrace and love them.  Imperfect is the new perfect.”
  • Center on Research for Women with Disabilities (CROWD): Promote, develop, and disseminate information to improve the health and expand the life choices of women with disabilities.

*I am always seeking groups, organizations and foundations to support and connect with.  Please be in touch and collectively we will help change lives.

“Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.” ~ Dove  LOVE OUR CHILDREN. LOVE OURSELVES. REDEFINING BEAUTY.

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