Influenced in an exalting way ….

What does it really mean to be inspired? And even more, to be an inspiration? We all struggle with our personal daily battles, whether emotionally, intellectually, financially, creatively, spiritually, and physically but amidst our conceived limitations, we all desire inspiration in many forms, whether we realize it or not. A reason to get out of bed, get excited, and GO! We should all aspire to inspire and to be inspired….and in fact, we all do on some level. To be inspired, I believe, is to be IN SPIRIT in all you do. So if you seek inspiration and greatness in your life, see the beauty, the light and God’s greatness in everyone and everything.

When I recognize an honest moment of inspiration it can be the most liberating, powerful feeling. I come alive in that moment of clarity! Sometimes the moment reveals an obvious reason as to why I am enlightened or simply happy. Other times, I’m not exactly sure why I suddenly become so intrigued, uplifted, then motivated by someone or some thing. I’m then opened to, perhaps, a new way of thinking, doing or being the best me I can be… feeling inspired leads to enlightenment: awakening that intellectual or spiritual light within you. When was the last time you felt inspired or saw the light*???

What if…..we utilized every moment of inspiration? Rather than feel the power of inspiration and let it pass, when you see another individual succeed or do something exalting, creative or inspiring that subconsciously or consciously uplifts you, it is a beautiful reminder; you, too, can find that same passion in something within you.  The greater inspired you become, the more others are inspired by you.  Others will reflect your light when your heart radiates Love.  Love is inspiration!  You are Inspiration! “To be inspired is great. To Inspire is incredible.”

Start out simple: As I write this, I’ve been observing a photograph of two women, best of friends, carefree, laughing hysterically in each other’s company. I thought to myself, what a beautiful, authentic captured moment. “I’d like to be more creative but I don’t have an eye for photography.” I subconsciously shut down the Creator within me before even giving myself a chance. Whether it’s photography you appreciate, a marathon that seems impossible to complete, a charity you want to be involved in, auditioning for a play, taking a dance class, etc etc etc, get up and Go!

I ask myself, how often do I actually act on my moments of inspiration? Quite frankly, I fail at this daily yet succeed at it eventually, inevitably. I’ve written on the power of just saying YES and all the possibilities this simple word can open you up to! One step further, when I discover new potentials I never even knew I had within myself, it always began with a moment of inspiration. I most likely took a risk and tried to DO something, BE something outside my comfort zone. I’ll then say to myself, “I should SAY YES to more often”…another simple motto I try to stay True to. Give yourself permission to be BOLD, Alive & brilliant! Say YES! to yourself.  If you are admiring a painting and captivated by the creative process that made that piece of art possible, embrace your curiosity and admiration. Perhaps you aren’t going to be the next Picasso but you may never know your hidden potentials without picking up that paint brush and applying color to your canvas to discover your genius. It begins with taking that first step into the unknown which always leads to new opportunity. Limitless possibilities!

Obviously, our goal is to stay focussed and succeed in one area on our lives but many times we may limit ourselves to the things we “think” we can or can NOT do. I’ve never been to keen on horseback riding, in fact it doesn’t excite me. I can fully send love and appreciate one’s passion for anything but you won’t see me training to be a jockey any time soon. However, I’ve always lived at the beach, I love the ocean, water, sand everything about it and I’m actually intrigued with becoming one with God’s creation, nature. As I’m writing this I realize I have said forever, “I love surfing, I should surf!” It inspires me. You might see me catching waves soon 🙂

I have learned that people, places and life itself is one big inspiration. Open your eyes, all around you, magical moments are happening for YOU and because of YOU. Beautiful moments are for you to absorb, experience, appreciate and when you get that overwhelming happy, tingly, kind of sparkly moment of YES! I am inspired! Act on it. Stay inspired & act now! If you don’t see results immediately, continue…growth & progress is always happening in the action of right now. Believe. Receive. & Live your Life INSPIRED! #BELIEVEANDBECOME

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