Beauty is a light that shines from within. Let your True beauty shine! Living a life of Truth, Beauty, Love.


We are all artists. Creators. What makes You an artist? We create our lives every second.
I have an undying, burning passion to live and create as authentically as possible. In all areas of my life, I aspire to inspire! I have reinvented the meaning of structure in many areas in my life. My system and way of “just being me” with the use of ONE hand has evolved in such a way that allows me to proceed as effortlessly as I can. My new “normal”, making anything possible, with or without. There’s no other way when this is the way; I accept, adapt and proceed onward and upward! I somehow see the irony now, how my creativity is starting to filter through my one hand, in ways I never imagined. I find my right hand living a life for 2, as many forms of my expressive art is actually generated through my hand. For starters, my passion for writing has excelled not only on this blog, but many other projects, physically transcribed by my ONE and only 😉

In my last blog I talked about staying INspired and acting on moments of inspiration. My focus has always been in performing arts, acting, dancing, singing, creating Life or a reflection of life. As I expand and evolve as any artist, I have been inspired to channel the literal artist that lives within me through my work as a makeup artist (@NineZeroOne Salon). This is an exciting new addition to my creative journey I love so much. Through my self-esteem education I also promote feeling healthy, alive and beautiful. As I have now done several transformative makeovers for individuals with low self-esteem, the most rewarding feeling I receive from this service is the confidence I see literally take place as they start to look and feel beautiful from start, through the process, to the final product. It’s important that we all feel happy with who we are and how we look. I always remind us all that happiness is the best makeup; a healthy, happy lifestyle will bring out the most illimunating YOU you can be!

I’ve worked in an industry for over 15 years where one’s image is integrated with artistic creation. Whether through film, television, fashion, to hair, makeup and beauty. We live in a beauty obsessed culture where the interpretation of beautiful is not only distorted but our youth has become oversaturated by media and pop culture generations; emphasizing thin, younger, prettier….. I am surrounded in a city where women will pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to enhance their natural self. Sadly, that which was created by Creation itself, uniquely divine & beautiful, is being skewed and altered, injected and reconstructed. I see it every day….thousands spent for the best of the best procedures, doctors, stylists and beauty artists.

Hollywood will continue to convince us that we can all look like a celebrity; steps A + B + C + $$$ + material possessions + procedures = Beautiful. No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted. The Truth of it all, a healthy body and mind is a healthy HEART. A healthy, happy HEART is LIFE! On the other hand, we mustn’t denote or judge or deny an individual’s desire to look and feel beautiful; it enhances the quality of life, to love oneself inside and out! Yes, celebrate your beauty! I always speak about self love. It’s ok to fall in love with yourself! I love that I am able to remind so many who struggle with image that YOU are beautiful just the way you are as well as inspire growth and hard work to lead active, healthy lifestyle as well! This in turn gives myself confidence and enhances my own light within as I help remind others of their own beauty.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with Love, Grace, and Gratitude.” ~ Denis Waitley

You cannot BE your job, clothes, car, boyfriend, ethnicity, bank account, your “situation”; it’s not who or what you are. When you live a life UNattached to these outer things, NO LONGER searching out there to define your happiness, you NO longer are left feeling empty, defeated, unimportant or self depricated. That is proof!, reminding you this outer “stuff” does not define you because the whole definition of happiness is within YOU. YOU are the ONLY one who can provide, create, understand the essence of happiness for yourself. Nothing and definitely no one else can do that for YOU. You may take these circumstances only to build meaningful a relationship with your Truest self within, resulting in a happier, healthier, better quality relationship to Life itself … as a reflection of YOU.

Much ❤, CcL #BelieveAndBecome


  1. Chauntal,

    You will never cease to amaze me.

    I’m walking away from this one completely inspired… to detach myself from the external and to create my happiness from the inside out.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Cheers to Chauntal, the most beautiful girl in every room!


    1. Thank you Cristian for always supporting & truly believing in my potential, since you picked me out of that little dance class you helped me find my confidence & belief in myself more than you know! You always have believed & I love & adore you for every bit of your support!!! Xoxox


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