It is a mission of mine to INSPIRE GREATNESS in everything I do.  I rarely update my personal life but I can’t help but want to share the journey it has been and will be with you…I have been training mentally, physically, with full intention to INSPIRE OTHERS to find their own Greatness within themselves.  I find myself stepping up to much more meaningful challenges than I’ve ever had to endure.  As I naturally battle daily struggles, try to comprehend life, seek further and trust in Faith, I now see my previous ways of overcoming and reaching new levels of my own greatness have surpassed any self-fulfilling desire; I realize I train hard to find greatness, but I train at my BEST to INSPIRE others to find theirs!!!

This month I was recognized as a “Global Influencer” by my greatest inspiration, a mentor, if you will, NIKE.  I was asked to rise up to a specific challenge in accordance to the question, “What are you training for?”  I was recognized as a Nike LA Destroyer for their 2011 Destroyer campaigned and I feel so honored to be one of the few selected every day elite athletes, artists & influentialists to visit the Nike Campus HQ in Portland, Oregon for the launch of XBox’ NikePlus Kinect high intensity Training program.  I feel so blessed to once again share “My Moment” with NIKE!  I had just finished an 8 mile run when I received the invitation; catching my breath, the presence of sweat and pounding heartbeat, I thought to myself, “What am I training for?”  On a greater platform, not just in sport, career, but in LIFE!  I didn’t have a direct response, but I knew I train every day for my passion for Life itself.  I never gave up, and I never will!

I train to find my own greatness within, to be the BEST athlete I can be, BEST actress, BEST daughter, friend, the BEST me I can be.  The actual training week leading up to the challenge in Oregon, I discovered that the further I pushed my own limits and challenged myself mentally, physically & spiritually, I reached a higher level of fulfillment; I was inspiring others to do the same.  It no longer became about me but about the growth, success & greatness developing around me in others as they joined the movement.  In turn YOU inspire me to never quit, never give up & never lose Faith!  Thank you.  Here’s a look at #MYMOMENT Thanks @NIKE @NIKEWOMEN @NIKEPLUS for an amazing #NikePlusKinect experience and reminding me what I train for in Life every day! I BELIEVE TO BECOME THE GREATEST “WE” WE CAN BE!!!

Inspiration. Training week. My home turf. Venice/SantaMonica, CA. Cali Life. I run LA, literally. Golds Gym, Venice. Cyclist. Temescal Canyon Hike.  Lifestyle. No excuses. Never giving up! I TRAIN TO INSPIRE GREATNESS.

NIKE GLOBAL INFLUENCERS. Nike Plus Kinect for Xbox. Behind the scenes. Portland, OR. Global bonding. Team Nike. My custom locker was sweet 😉 Game face. #NikePlusKinect challenge. Team NIKE.

Nike Campus. Land of champions. Michael Jordan. Alberto Salazar. US Gold medalist. Galen Rupp. Megan Rapinoe. Future champions in the making. Legends. Inspiring. Nike Inovation. Super inspired to return home and be the BEST me I can be! Find your Greatness. It’s OUR moment.  Give Life everything you’ve got!!! 

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