DO what YOU Love. Love what you DO.

Last weekend I experienced a very SPECIAL reminder that there truly are no accidents, meaningless events or “mistakes” that take place in our lives …. 4 years ago, I auditioned for a playhouse in Hollywood called the 68 Cent Theatre.  At this time my career seemed to be getting great momentum, and rising quickly.  However, I felt it was becoming harder to be taken seriously as an actress the more I was being considered for more competitive roles in the industry.  How was I going to make my mark, inspire, be True to myself and not fall into the assumed category as just another blonde, “do-da-doo actress” ? (other’s presumed perceptions:) My vision was always clear: Stay True to self, and remember why I started acting in the first place. To create. Inspire. A passion I didn’t choose, just always was.  Because I LOVE it.

I hadn’t done theater since I was about 15 years old, not really my thing if you will, but I knew it would be another avenue to exercise and consistently work on my craft.  Like any other sport!  Actors must act.  Apprehensive to the theater idea, my friend talked me into it and I found myself underestimating my talent amongst a very East Coast dominant community of very talented actors.  I proceeded to walk into the audition, with a pink dress and smiled my way to the stage.  I raised my own bar and delivered a solid piece from the play “Proof” with confidence and no appologies in who I was…a little blonde, smiley 23 year old:)  So…I got in! I did several shows and was a committed company member for over a year.  I was in this magical play called “Let us go out into the Starry Night” in a John Patrick Shanley (13) Festival during a very traumatic time in my life.  The fateful night; I was in a terrifying car accident and I lost my left hand.  I believe it was on a Thursday and I was to perform on Friday.  When my Theatre 68 family came to visit me I specifically remember theatre founder/creative director, Ronnie Marmo, presenting me with a huge basket of goodies & a framed picture of me with daisies surounding it signed by every member of the company.  No words, but LOVE.  I remember apologizing, I’d ruin the weekends show but as soon as I got out of the hospital I’d be back.  It was probably taken as a sweet, unrealistic gesture at the time, but when passion truly lives in the heart & soul, we are unstoppable.  Exactly 3 weeks later I jumped back on stage and finished out the show.

That first night back I’ll never forget.  A standing ovation, as acting and that stage made me feel more alive than ever.  I felt so inspired to INSPIRE.  I was told I was an inspiration and for the longest time I never truly believed it or understood why?  I just knew I was still given this life to LIVE in it.  On this “pursuit of happiness”, there is no plan we can set in perfect motion; God’s purpose will always prevail.  I look back now, appreciating the resilient persistence and determination that lived within myself, I never even knew existed till then.  Giving up wasn’t & isn’t an option.  In the last 3 years, I’ve gone on to not only star in feature films, guest spots, commercials; although acting is and will always be my first Love, I found greater purpose to inspire not only on stage or film but stay true to my mission to inspire greatness through many artistic avenues, on the greatest stage of all: MY LIFE.  I’ve lived more life exploring, helping others find their purpose and being receptive to whatever He calls me to do and be….When so many cried in my arms saying, “Now what.  You “we’re” going to be an actress”  I almost believed the lie I could have told myself.  But instead I was lifted….when passion lives within, it is God’s purpose and intention for you, He will bring to pass every dream and promise He has put in your heart.  And again, just another perfect piece to my puzzle, this company I was once so apprehensive to join, is family to me.



Last weekend was a very SPECIAL reminder of trusting the bigger purpose, amidst any adversity!  Two months ago, I simply walked back into Theatre 68 to say hello to Ronnie & friends, and audition for a play a week later and last weekend I found myself, full circle, on my home stage!!!!! My first live show, back on stage @ Ronnie Marmo Theatre-Company. Doing what I Love.  Loving what I do!

No matter where we think this journey should’ve, would’ve, coul’ve taken us, TRUST, You are exactly where you are meant to be.  There are no accidents in His plan for you.  It was all created FOR you.  You may not understand; embrace the confusion.  You may hurt; appreciate the pain of being ALIVE!  If you are in pain, struggling, feeling lost or hopeless, in Faith, celebrate this time to strengthen, grow, evolve, to prepare, educate, explore and LIVE the life you are meant to live. Your better days are ALWAYS yet to come! 

Please come support “Check Please” showing every Friday & Saturday at 10p @Theatre68 Ill be starring in one-act “Dented Cans” with Joe Dalo written by miss Ariel Hart & directed by Ronnie Marmo


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