The Power of Faith over Fear

Faith kills fear

When we hear the phrase “Just have faith”, it sometimes feels like this distant, unsupported cliche on what we all try to conquer daily: “Trust everything is going to be just fine.”   Although it’s casually thrown around like just another generic, positive encouragement, what is the truth in this advice?  We have two choices in how we approach life: in fear or in Faith?  The choice is yours.  To have Faith you have to Believe… Believe that you are worthy, capable and meant to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled, good Life!  Believe this Truth!  Faith will not necessarily make things easier but it makes anything possible.  Without all things possible you are left with guaranteed defeat: the impossible.  Many individuals may have a misconception of what it means to have Faith.  The desire to have faith is a deep, heartfelt desire.  It wells up from your heart when you seek a truer way to live from Spirit and it often rises up in times of struggle or pain.  Perhaps the way to experience true faith, not just talk about it, is to allow it to carry us through times of trouble.  Trust.

After I lost my left hand in a car accident, I tried to jump right back into my old lifestyle with completely new circumstances.  Soon enough I realized, I was afraid I wouldn’t reach my full potential in Life after this “self-inhibiting”, physical loss.  The scariest thing for me was getting back on that stage, let alone the audition room full of, for lack of a better word, “judgement”.   The charasmatic, brave, trusting actress I once knew began to listen to false whispers of self doubt, failure, and defeat about my new self… How would they perceive me?  This haunting question being our most limiting, universal fear: How will others perceive us?  Fear of failure to family, friends, pears, but most destructively, to self.   Through many days, now years of faithful practice through the battles and struggles I endured, I’ve not only believed but experience the possible in what seemed impossible.  This is the ultimate power of Faith over fear.  Shift of perspective and an all knowing Trust.  “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”

Had I not taken the leap, taken action and continued to pursue a lifelong dream, I was guaranteed 100% failure.  I find liberation in pursuing this outstanding task; to step in front of a crowd and perhaps be rejected as an actress with one hand.  Quite frankly, I got a lot of the sympathy card rather than a receptive audience to a talented actress that happens to have one hand.  I experienced the awkward applause for the “disABLED” girl or a generic “good for her” comment rather than seeing ME as an up and coming, successful artist.  But as I continue to face my fear, overcome mixed reactions from the outside world that is not myself, this unconventional mission I choose to pursue becomes more respected and accepted, as I no longer can fear how others might perceive me.  It was almost as if the outside perspective no longer existed when I realized I am the only One who can judge or define my success or failure.

Fact: I have one hand.  I love to act.  I have a dream that can only die through fear.  So perhaps you feel awkward, unattractive, overweight, untalented, unpopular, “WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK”.  If you can conceive it, Believe it, YOU can achieve it!*

Fear has an incredible ability to paralyze our potential, to keep us from launching out to become who we are meant to be and ultimately, to keep us from believing in ourselves.  When we feel the presence of fear we must admit its presence and declare that our Faith is stronger than our fear.  Make this declaration over and over again, strengthening Faith by choosing it.  Rather focus on our disabilities, celebrate our abilities.  Whatever physical, emotional or mental obstacles we face, it is so minimal to ALL the greatness we have to offer the world.  That statement of Truth is a state of absolute Faith.

Physical pain, on the other hand, is something I understand far too well….and when I felt that the suffering and sharp phantom pains would never escape me, I endured the awakening presence of Life beyond pain … through this suffering, I realized I am very much ALIVE because I feel.  It can only get better from here.  If you are in a time of trouble count it a a blessing, as trouble gives you the opportunity to consciously choose Faith over fear!  Believe in something greater than this; in a life of abundance, ease and happiness.  Had I focused on all the things I could no longer physically do that I once did with 2 hands I’d be limited in a paralyzed state of mind; of being.


Lastly, I was in spin bootcamp the other day, and my awesome instructor said exactly the same thing I was working on for this piece; I love moments of synchronicity 🙂 … He said, “What if this was your very last ride?  How would you go out?  How would you let this define you?  Giving up before it is over or give it all you got till the very last second?!”  I almost killed myself on the last song lol 😝 but those last few minutes were so symbolic to how I want to live my life.  In every area, if these were my last days, how would I want to go out?  In fear or in Faith?  I understand not all of us are met with a near death experience but had I not woken up 3 years ago, I realize only FEAR was holding me back from living my life to the fullest; inhibiting me from fully Believing and Becoming who I want to spend all my days being.  I walk in Faith because I chose.

If this Life as we know it were to disappear, END tomorrow, what would you do in the face of your FEARs?  How will you spend your last days and what in the world is holding you back now?  “TODAY is the first day of the rest of your Life.”  If you are alive and willing, you are capable.  Perhaps you don’t think you are “willing” to expand and put yourself in the face of your fears, but having a desire to become greater in any area of your life allows greater possibility to become your reality, which is one step closer to achieving your dream.  The power of one inspired thought leads to endless possibilities….

We are all worthy of the abundance of God’s greatness.  You must Believe.  And beyond just being a Believer, be a Becomer.  Believe to Become your wildest dreams & beyond!

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about the things we cannot see. ~ Hebrews 11:1


One thought on “The Power of Faith over Fear

  1. Thank you Chauntal for sharing your beautiful perspective. Your message shines like a bright star. And I have no doubt you are on a path of true fulfillment, what every human being truly seeks in this life (whether they know it or not).



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