To Love and Be Loved.

Sometimes there’s one, who walks into your Life with ease and no reservation.  There’s an immediate unspoken understanding; an undeniable bond.  You talk to for hours and/or moments of peaceful silence.  Neither feels inferior, uncomfortable, nor judged.  Only Love exists.  Because without judgement, insecurity, or fear, there lies nothing but Love to exist; Love Is, all.  Love Is.  Fear is not…real.  You seek happiness for one another, indefinitely, selflessly, while trying to find and understand blissful living independently, or maintaining it.  

We do not lose ourselves in one another because as we give Love we find our hearts capacity to see it within ourselves.  We then are happy just in the selfless acts of giving Love through our advice and support.  Whether mental, physical, emotional or spiritual support, we GIVE, in Love.  No sacrifice.  No expectation.  We surrender our time and selfish, ‘egoic’ desires or so called “issues” to make time to help, listen, and resolve for another or simply talk out a situation to redirect any impulsive or conditioned fear state thinking.

Never Losing sight of ourselves in this shared journey…own goals, desires and Life mission.  Only enhanced by the UNCONDITINAL LOVE received and given.  This to me, is to Love and to be Loved, without reserve.   Thank you to my Mom and my best friend.  They are my True definition of one of the greatest virtues in Life: altruism.  As God so Loved his people & church, they’ve shown & reflected the same selfless, unconditional Love.  One Love I can believe in only because they teach and show me every single day its existence.  I only pray to attract and reflect more authentic relationships as such, and encourage its Truth in others, for ever and aways.  Thank you for never letting me lose sight of who I am at my Truest self: Light & Love. I  Look forward to a lifetime continuing to teach learn and inspire one another…..

Love Uncondionally and without reserve,  Much Love.  CcL


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