Documenting a journey that explores, challenges & inspires the human Spirit!

A proposition once insane, unfathomable to me…I took my first step, in Faith and I believed… Something Greater than I whispered, “You are capable.” And so I believed, and I was. I Am. And so are you!
With each painful step, a resilience graced me with my next. I suddenly had a vision that was far greater than any self doubt or fear. I never knew I was an athlete, besides my crazy, self disciplined practice.  The liberation I found in running a race and love/dedication to the sport has now reconditioned and redefined my body and mind to surpass any limit I once held upon my abilities, in all areas of my life.  It was not about a competition, a self-gratifying accomplishment or what was to be proven.  My hours of sweat, pain, tears, victory and glory has manifested into a far greater purpose.  I want to INSPIRE greatness in thee most unfathomable of circumstances.  Not necessarily running from LA to Vegas (unless your Life depended on it, I’m sure you could make it happen) but CAPABLE of whatever you put your mind to.  This is it!  This is Life.  Do it, JUST DO IT!

Goal accomplished: 6 courageous spirits reached the Vegas strip finish line, knowing what was once unfathomable has now become a reality…we Believed.

Every day, I stay True to my own mission to show the world the power of the human spirit. Challenge, explore, create, Inspire, rise up and “Believe and Become”.  I encourage other extreme, life changing events as such; to Inspire greatness in people just like YOU & I, with or without disabilities…for the means of living a healthier, happier more fulfilled Life!

That being said, it’s not about me! I Inspire you and others to believe in your vision & become it!  As I continue my journey within, each step of the way, every mile I run, I dedicate my experiences to encourage the importance of finding your greatness and to Believe in something GREAT and become it! This my friends is to BELIEVE AND BECOME!


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