In 5 years from today, where will you be?

Five years….260 weeks…..1,625 days…..2,333,000 minutes. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH THEM? WHAT COULD YOU DO WITH THEM? 

unnamed“This is your Life.  Your one and only Life as you know it.  YOU determine what’s possible.  Make choices. Ask questions. take steps.  Today is the day.”

One week from today will mark my 5 year anniversary to the day I began to live, Truly LIVE!!!  The day I was given not only a second chance but the simple gift of Life itself.  A return to Love, if you will.  In Celebration of my 5 year Re-Birth Day, a celebration of Life for us all, I ask that you share your #BelieveandBecome moment(s) or story to create awareness and to Inspire others to Believe AND BECOME.  Choose your mission.

Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google: My mission is to collect all the world’s information and make it accessible to everyone.

Phil Knight, Founder, NIKE: My mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

Walt Disney: My mission is to make people happy.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. We all have had or have a dream; believed in something greater than what we, society or our false egoic mind tells ourselves.  Perhaps a calling, only never flourishing to fruition by negated or conditioned negative, faithless thoughts, whispering I’m not enough, I’m not worthy, not me.  WHY not you? Why not now?  WHAT IF…we ALL collectively shifted perspective to I AM ENOUGH, I AM CAPABLE, I AM _____.  Fill in the blanks.  Write your own story to Greatness.  Perhaps we are still finding out what that may be, but please take this moment NOW to put into words what you believe in and want to become.  Whether it’s believing in yourself to run a mile or a marathon, to have the courage to take a vocal lesson or release an album, to audition for a play or make passion projects, to start a community group or lead a revolution.  It may take 5 years or a lifetime…but…IF You can conceive it, you CAN achieve it!

As I always say, I dedicate my experience to inspire you to believe in your own greatness & live a healthier, happier, & more fulfilled Life.  Based on these crazy 5 years, I Trust it all begins with one Inspired thought.  I never imagined I’d be exposed and granted such intense yet once in a lifetime opportunities; the achievements, the wisdom & the journeys I’ve endured in the past 5 years have been made entirely possible because I BELIEVED, always…first & most importantly, in something far Greater than I.  Never defining myself by my accident or perceived loss of my left hand, or by “what I’ve been through.”  I NEVER GAVE UP  my friends.  I NEVER quit. NEVER stopped Believing.  I always Believed in DOing for something other than myself!  It’s NOT about me!  And ironically, or purposefully, I can proudly say I am becoming the woman I always imagined I could “maybe be one day” and more…with a lot of work, lessons and battles along the way, I Am, evolving daily.

 Only hours after losing my left hand, sitting in my hospital bed, about to step into the unknown, my family and friends surrounding me, IN Spirit, INspired, something Greater than I spoke a simple, somewhat cliche philosophy: Chauntal, all you got to do is Believe in your personal legend, and you WILL become who you were brought into this world to be.  He’s breaking you down into the woman He wants to use. Whatever that may be, we all have battles & breakthroughs.  Seen or unseen, perhaps mine is a physical reminder to us all that we are survivors; an unfathomable resilience to human loss, grief, &  pain.  I aspire every day to be a True testament to my motto: BELIEVE AND BECOME.  Words I can proudly say I LIVE by.   Please share your Believe and Become story or goals all week with me in honor you YOUR amazing Life #BELIEVEandbecome! Thank you, Much Love & God Bless….xx

216678_237372169618689_4417733_nimage001image002I Act, I Run, I laugh, I cry, I feel.  I win, I Lose, I Love, I lost, I accept.  I Live, I Learn, I Create, I Conquer.  I Believe, I Become….I just DO it.  This thing called Life.

5 years from today who will you be??

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