Lesson taught. Lesson Learned.


I’ve mentioned a few times now that Life has been one big social experiment for me… and us all really, if we choose to perceive it as so.  It’s fascinating to observe how one perceives life to the next; to what is right, wrong, ugly, pretty, strange, normal…As I go about my days, I observe individuals fall into the moment just trying to process what happened to my hand or what it would be like to have just one hand themselves. Whether it puts their own life in perspective or generates loving compassion or simply redirects any negative thoughts to gratuitous thoughts, I am able to see people feel “something” as a pure, instinctual reaction. Children are the best; so honest with confusion, disparity or fear but mostly curiosity. The other day, 3 young girls walked passed me, whispering, looking back at me, not sure what to make of me…

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