“If you give up what service will you do for yourself but more importantly for OTHERS.”

The road to self discovery starts by facing your Truth.  The raw, the ugly, the beautiful, the REAL you; to be authentic with others but most importantly, with self.  As I observe my #BelieveandBecome posts for the past 5 years, I now see the Truth has always been in dedicating my story to lift others. To encourage you too, to fight.  Not in a a false, misconstrued perspective that Life is a never ending battle. Fight for the Life you were created to live!!!  No self pity.  If anything quite the opposite.

“God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors.” But rather proclaiming “I am a fighter”, I remember I am first a lover.  When we respond with love, half the battle has been won for defeat is only when you let your heart be overcome. Love till it hurts…the greatest battle of all because when I think a fight is only defeated by love. Love self, love others, love life, and then, throw it all back to the One who first knew love so that WE could!

If you give up what service will you do for yourself but more importantly for OTHERS.  I fought, I still fight the injustices, confusion, heartbreak, pain of this worldly space I am in.  I face a battle field. I break through to the other side by of fear by Faith alone.  I Believe, it will always get better or make sense at some point. I always does as He never fails.  Through my struggles, my Faith has been built up; it is here I call on God. I have experienced the mystery of suffering and endured affliction.  I NOW see, how minor my circumstances were compared to the real dark, sickness and pain in a sinful, broken world.  I don’t negate rthe fact that it does it exist, I just don’t invite it, focus or surround myself with anything that doesn’t align with my true self that is Love, so it’s really not my experience.  It’s not naivety, I just choose the people and circumstances if and when I can yet I also Believe God presents his finest when I give the same.  Because after everything, I still believe the world is a beautiful place.

It amuses me when one observers and asks me, or should I say, questions me, “Who are you?  What do you do?”  Where shall I begin?  Oh, yes the list will go on.  But as I observe the last 6 years since my own awakening, the “Story” I had told for years has evolved into ONE thing.  I Am a child of God. I am here to Love and shine Truth.  I am, but of course, an artist yet no longer defined by a title or label.  I have observed the Truths of this world.  What I’ve seen and now know, only ignites my passion to aspire to reflect the greatest Truth of all.  God’s work ; His promise.

Whether in front of the camera reflecting the Truths of society, human behavior, Life as I know it OR behind the camera, as an element of the big picture that is being created (beautifying the beautiful with my makeup artistry), What I DO best when alligned in my Truth?.  I create.

Here I find Balance….

Soooo … they ask why I run? I run IN Spirit, to INspire.  “But really, why?”

I fight.  I accept.  I cry.  I laugh.  I train.  I deliver.  I overcome.  I Believe….to be the best Me.  I Am…just doing what I DO and having fun!  It’s in my running where I find stillness, clarity, a sense of discovery and validity of accomplishment.  Where I push my physical, personal limits.  Only ME on this journey I call reality.  ONLY I can create at 5 to 10 to 20 mile run.  Perverance. I decided, I believed in my abilities rather than disabilities and I become a new woman every step of the way.  To be the best version of me I can be is to FREE myself; we can only give what we know and who we truly are ourselves. Whether in front or behind the camera, I am an artist and it’s in the art of running where I find stillness, clarity and balance; where I reset and free myself for my next creation….masterpiece;)) Here I can and I will find strength before I step into the demands of the world.  Running is of course lifestyle but its more that that.  Running is an art in itself.  I am far more interested in the magic than the mechanics.  The art of running – there’s magic in it.  This is my balance where I can reset and free myself for my next creation or masterpiece.  And it’s not just a brisk run in the park, I GO HARD.  Quite the dichotomy from my delicate and perceived to be “glamorous” lifestyle in a beauty industry.  From a rough, 11:11 miler (or run to vegas esq. @thespeedproject) side of me…there is Magic in this lifestyle. As running is nothing but an analogy of life: what you put into it is what you get out off it, as Oprah once put it. So yea! I Love and Live hard.

“So I run with purpose in every step.  I am not just shadowboxing.  I discipline my body like an athlete; training it to do what it should.”  Deep down, I don’t know how to give up! Run, Love and Live with purpose.

Love Is. In all that I DO.  That’s what I DO.  It’s never really about us anyway.  God’s glory!  All for LOVE. So again, LOVE remains my theory!

Light & Love ~ #BelieveandBecome xx

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