IMG_2346#LoveYourBody. It’s been a long, long journey. Truth be told, the hardest battle of my Life. First ballet shoes at 3 years old, body image has always been a predominant element in my World. Minutes, hours, days, years, an entire Lifetime I have trained. Dancer, Cheer, Gymnast —🖖🏻—> Spinner, Yogi meets #RUNNER! Whether I’m told, too skinny, too muscular, she “eats too many carbs”, body image is an ILLUSION my friends … because no matter how hard you work the only perspective that matters is yours! I’ve ALWAYS been an #athlete. Capable; As long as I breathe Life.

But I will no longer be my biggest nemesis. Whether a marathon or one handed @hot8yoga (on a daily!) It NEVER gets easier, I’m only getting stronger and wiser to understand: I AM ME. ✨Perfectly made in His image.✨ Wherever pushing my physical limits may lead….I Am Me. Much Love to every coach, instructor, mentor. Lord knows, this ain’t easy to say but ya, I think I can FINALLY love my ever evolving body along the way. #iAmMe .. #believeandbecome xx

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