“The VISION that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthroned in your heart .. This you will build your Life by, and this you will become.” xx

Once upon a time…. She had a dream, searching for something greater outside herself to bring it to fruition. He had a greater plan…. till, one day she had a VISION.  It is not in perfection that others are inspired. Let others be inspired by how you deal and use your imperfections. I often forget that I am a constant reminder to others of the unpredictable, inexplainable circumstances we are sometimes handed in life. When I look down at something that once was & is no longer, I’m reminded myself of surviving life’s unpredictable journey, when at times may feel inhumanly painful, scary or confusing. If I could for a moment inspire YOU striving, beautiful young girls to not waste precious, delicate days/years like I did👆🏼 Fixated on a vision that not only did not see myself but thee furthest I had been from others! NEVER feeling enough; no status, job, religion, body, relationship, circumstance can define you! Sometime Life takes you by the hand (literally😜) & I don’t pretend it’s all rainbows & Unicorns (although….💭) I feel, I hurt, I cry, I laugh, I Live & ultimately, I LOVE! He strengthens the weak, sometimes repositioning you to equip you for any battle and pour His strength in to you! I choose happiness AND through Christ, ALL things are possible! … #HisWay #handintheair #iAm #BelieveandBecome xx

2 thoughts on “VISION

  1. Hi Chauntal,

    My name is Presley and I am co-owner of West End Fox, my partner Blake and I act and also co-host an internet-based show! I have been following you for a long time and I think you are very inspirational! Your story is so beautiful and we would like to help share it. If we can maybe set up a meeting to interview you and your story we would love that! No pressure if not, I know you must be very busy. You can check out our site and see what you think! I am also a Christian and it’s great to see Christians like you going out there in the entertainment industry. Glad to know we’re not alone!

    Thank you so much for your time Chauntal, we really appreciate it!


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