img_2436“WHAT COULD BE MORE FUTILE, MORE INSANE, THAN TO CREATE INNER RESISTANCE TO SOMETHING THAT ALREADY IS?” – Eckhart Tolle – ONLY WHEN YOU RESIST WHAT HAPPENS IN LIFE ARE YOU AT THE MERCY OF WHAT HAPPENS; THE WORLD THEN WILL DETERMINE YOUR HAPPINESS AND UNHAPPINESS.  What could be more insane than to oppose Life itself?  Surrender to what is.  I could not fathom the Life I’d be living had I resisted the unfathomable, undeniable pain, new Life chosen for me 7 years ago.  As cliché as it may sound, suppose I may have found purpose amidst my pain.  As we all are ever evolving, I’m still not quite sure what that may be: #purpose?  But I have set such a radical intention in this Life that makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning! NOT ABOUT ME! HOW CAN I LIFT YOU, ONE PERSON, ONE DAY AT A TIME!?  The thousands I’ve touched and lifted through sharing my story was a gift I resisted for years.  “Such an inspiration” was such a foreign role to be labeled or even more exhausting and frightening, to take on.  I was terrified!  Who am I to “inspire” when I’m just as flawed, as human; when we all just trying to Live.  But I quickly began to understand the significance of living vs. being ALIVE!  Like in real Life, to be happy whaaaat!

I literally embraced ALL that I Am.  When I stopped looking for happiness outside myself … I DO  what I love and DO IT OFTEN!  In return, happiness found me.  SO, I resisted, till perhaps recently.  Lord knows, y’all know, I DO NOT HAVE THE ANSWERS, but either Life could suck or it could be prettttty firkin ahaaamazing! I chose the latter.  Perhaps it truly was a gift of perspective that day.  I chose gratitude and said Yes! to LIFE.  To the LIFE I’ve been given!  Keep DOing what your heart calls you to DO.  You never know who you are inspiring.  Someone,  somewhere needs to Believe. The transformation’s been real 7 years!  Seven years of Grace.  Reflecting 2016.  HAPPIEST HOLYDAYS & GOD BLESS.. Love you’s ~ #BelieveandBecome xx


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