I AM AN ATHLETE. I have always had a physically demanding lifestyle where I was encouraged to challenge my personal limits as a competitive dancer, cheerleader & gymnast.  As an athlete, I incorporate physical activity just about every day whether it be hours in a dance studio, a 2 hour hike, a 5 mile run, spin class or a walk to the local Starbucks (rather than charging up my car, I charge up and fuel myself instead) leading to a positive, active lifestyle.  This is my mission: to motivate, support and encourage people with or without physical disabilities to pursue active lifestyles though physical fitness and competitive athletics. I believe that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

They didn’t know what to tell me.

When they told me it wasn’t going to be easy. I believed.

When they told me the odds were against me.  I believed.

When they told me I lost everything.  I believed.

When they told me it would never be the same.  I believed.

What do you believe in?

People think a lot of things.

People think I grew up without struggle.

People think I didn’t have to work hard.

People think now I’m incapabale.

People think I’m weak.

People can think what they want.

But it’s what you DO that makes people  THINK twice.

(What do you think?)


Believe and become? Is an avenue for people to discover what it is they want in this life & by power of positive thought, believing “I CAN”, you will become. Whether it’s health, prosperity, success, Love, balance, that you “show up” for every day, you can have whatever you focus your heart & mind on, & beyond. I dedicate sharing my experience to inspire individuals with or without disabilities to live happier, healthier & more fulfilled lives & BEcome who you are meant to be. xx


Do you wake up INspired or does something or someone come along where you, for a moment become still and feel the power of inspiration…In spirit? I can’t quite say I’m in a constant meditative state but I’d like to say I’m in a constant motivated state; an urge to learn more, be more and evolve beyond.  It’s taken some time but I don’t wait for something to come along to open my eyes to then feel the urge to do something.  I started to just become inspired, be inspired, be the inspiration. Interesting enough, I attracted more & more circumstances, people, situations that inspire me throughout my days.

Yesterday, in my fitness class, the instructor asks the class, “Why are you here today? Let that be your intention and get what you want”.  A few reasons I thought…then in a flash, an inspired thought of why I was really there: to give Love to myself so that I could give more Love to others. The biggest gift of all.  Only when you do you, your mind, your body good, you then have the capacity to give all that and more to everyone.  Self love inspires others around you to reflect that love.

Keeping this intention throughout the spinning class, I realized my true intention was in fact to inspire!  As I fought through the burn, the pain, the hills, the race was on to inspire just one, or two, or a whole generation to do the same; to reach goals and new levels of achievements in life, whether in your job, relationships, education, a new hobby, reaching potentials of the highest success you never knew you even had in you.  Amazed by this athlete to my left, his energy and his strength INspired me.  As he challenged his personal limits, I worked a little harder myself.  I wanted to keep up with this guy.  When the ride was over, he took the time to find find me just to express, “Wow! I’ve been cycling my whole life & you are my new spinning Hero! I was so inspired by you, I tried to keep up with you the whole time. I’ve never ridden like that in my life! You are a true inspiration to me & to us all just by showing up”, and he thanked me.  ME? And that was it, a simple reminder….1 person, 1 day at a time, I “show up” every day to Inspire and be inspired.  “WHY DID YOU SHOW UP TODAY?”

Interpretation of beauty!

Is our perception of beauty distorted?

This is 1 video that every woman needs to see.   I remember feeling shocked and a bit confused when I learned long ago in a socially class that only .02% of women in the WORLD (~3.3 billion women on earth) look like the covers of our magazines, Victoria Secret angels, models or actresses our society can’t get enough of.  How could this be, you ask, when every time you turn on your TV, flip through a magazine, or walk down Rodeo Drive just about every other girl looks like a carbon copy of a Chanel campaign?  But I ask you, what defines beauty?  Perception.  I see women become obsessed with bettering, enhancing, camouflaging natures beauty to feel comparable or simply “pretty”.  I remember my own battle over the “not enough” syndrome.  I struggled, just as many young women do growing up, with never enough;  good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, intellectual enough.  I came to a point where I searched for flaws that didn’t even exist and created this monster out of this beautiful woman.  I was in fact already a huge inspiration and role model to so many of my peers, but my perception was distorted.  When u change the way u look at things, the things u look at change…

In such an image obsessed culture, is there a balance?  I believe balance is the only secret!  Because I also don’t negate our desire to look and feel beautiful.  I feel as if it’s healthy to love the beauty in yourself, as well as each and every one of us.  The real beauty is what lies within in you!  I’m not afraid of cliché’s (can you tell:) there’s validity in these things we hear from our mothers and teachers.  We are not stretched to proportion, enhanced by technology, we are who we are.  Embrace your misperfections, unproportions, “flaws”.  To say these qualities “give you character” is an understatement.  One hand, not exactly the conventional beauty by media standards; it’s…unique.  No one person is YOU.  That’s real beauty.

Be comfortable with yourself, love the way you look, be happy.  Looking beautiful doesn’t mean that you have to be between the sizes of 00-4, being healthy is most important.  Models indeed have a confident mystique about them.  Of course, they have been refined, polished, re-invented and perfected, but even the most conventionally beautiful models carry themselves with an aura that exudes style, grace and health.  How you carry yourself affects how people perceive you more than you think!  For fun, perk up that chin, throw those shoulders back and glide through the air as if you just signed a ten million dollar contract.  Wear your imaginary crown, you’ll be surprised by the outward confidence that radiates from within.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love makeup!  It’s like art to me!  I enjoy every step of the process, not the just final product.  But there has to be a balance in this as well.  I know it’s not for everyone, but I appreciate a woman’s beauty so much that I’ve fallen in love with the luxury we have to enhance one’s own beauty.  With the right products, application and knowing what works best for your face, what girl doesn’t like to play dress up?  Makeup should be about enhancing your natural beauty, not covering it up.  I prefer ‘el natural’.  Stay tuned for fab beauty tips, as organic as possible with proper health care and exercise, as well as a little beauty enhancing thing called makeup:

Today let’s focus on outward beauty radiating from peace within! Love*



Oh how I love to play dress-up but “Happiness is the best makeup.”

Ok every woman is guilty of it.  Look at your vanity, dresser, bathroom, make up bag!  Do we really need all this “stuff”?  Perhaps it’s the lighting in Sephora, it illuminates the smallest eyeliner or makeup brush in a way you just can’t live without!  I guarantee you use it once, maybe twice & your back to old faithful!  There are a few beauty products out there that I absolutely love & feel as if every woman should at least try, but if it doesn’t work for ya, send it back & stick to that “green & pink mascara” if that’s what you swear by.

I have a ton of fab looks I suggest for different seasons, time of day & events, just ask!  I personally appreciate makeup as a beautiful art for a woman’s face.  And I just love to play!  These are my can’t live withouts; a few secret ingredients I think every woman should own.

Mascara: MAC Zoom Black for length & thickness.  I like to combo it with Studio Fix Lash to then seperate perfectly, porportioned from each edge.

Nars Orgasm blush & bronzer combo: pink on top of the cheek bone, bronzer follows under the bone.

Stiletto liquid eyeliner – $7.99! & goes on perfectly thin.  It’s the BLACKest BLACK I’ve found:  be sure to follow your upper lid & connect where your lower lid meets in an upward stroke.  This is great for a bold look but I love eyeliner & mascara in brown or similar natural colors for daily wear.

LIP GLOSS! Love it in numerous shades. Every day: clear, glossy or light pinkies.  MAC’s lip glass & Victoria Secret has some delicious colors.  I can always appreciate a bold RED with minimal eye & face makeup, but depending on occasion.

MAC strobe liquid lotion to highlight:  Add just above the cheek bone.  Sometimes I mix a little with a liquid foundation for an all over illuminating glow.

The EYES*:  A highlight on the upper lid, soft brown or grayish/purple (mostly to enhance light colored eyes).  Use a great blending brush then add a highlighter just under the brow.  Eyeshadow should be pretty, don’t over do it; less is more.Line it up with a gentle stroke of eyeliner to make the eyes pop, & of course a thick, long lash.  I love the “el naturel, not wearing too much makeup” makeup look.

For an instant wake me up, I love a light layer of yellow concealer under the eye or a soft white powder – Benefit’s PowderFlage or CVS Physicians perfecting yellow concealer. Blend blend blend!  This trick really brightens you up.

QUICK DAILY WEAR TIPS: Foundation should be light.  Try a tinted moisturizer to allow your natural skin tones to shine through while evening out tones.  It’s so beautiful and it’s YOU.  Mascara or simply curl your lashes.  Clear lip gloss.  A bit of bronzer on your body & face, just to give you an extra healthy glow.  However, I feel there’s a delicate beauty about a pale skin tone, probably because I have olive tones, but I do like both.  Don’t over Shore it with crazy spray tanning, please!  Do your research to find a natural airbrush tan artist.  This is a treat for special occasions.  It brightens you up, enhances muscle tone, & a glow gives off a healthy, happy vibe.  My go-to: Sunkissed by Jenni at Salon Nine Zero One, for a brilliant, natural, healthy tan!

A beautiful you doesn’t mean you have to cake yourself with makeup.  Things like freckles or a scar are what make you you, it’s important to let the real you shine!!!!  A HEALTHY, HAPPY YOU IS A BEAUTIFUL YOU! I can’t say it enough, TRUE beauty is radiated from within!  So it doesn’t matter what makeup tricks you think have to cover those partied-all-night dark circles, puffy eyes, stress wrinkles, no make up in the world can cover up an unhealthy lifestyle. 4 words:  NUTRITION, EXERCISE & BE HAPPY 🙂  Check my last NUTRITION BLOG FOR SKIN & BRAIN FOODS:

What are YOUR must haves?!  How do you embrace YOUR natural beauty?



Hi! I’m super excited about today’s category: Health & nutrition!!! I’ve been waiting to include this because I think you are going to agree, this is the key ingredient to living a fruitful life.  As an athlete, I serve my body with a variety workouts.  But the only way to a healthy life is the proper balance of exercise AND a nutritious diet.

One of my good friends told me today that I was her nutrition guru 🙂 I’m flattered because I’ve always loved my exercise but it’s definitely taken work to dismiss bad habits & eat healthy.  It seems so simple now.  I have done a lot of research & have become very educated on what we are really putting into our systems.  I think it all changed after my accident when I was told I “needed” all these pills, anti-depressants, drugs!??? I researched everything I was told to put into my body & read the pages of side effects it has on our bodies & mind.  It’s the same for food too!  Processed foods, refined sugars, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals chemicals chemicals!!!  Half of the junk that has been “approved” by the FDA is just that, junk!  I was fascinated with what I found on how certain foods not only effect us physically but mentally as well; our moods.  I feel as if I have more energy, more clarity, & all around am more chemically balanced by weeding out the junk & sticking to very clean, nutritious foods.  I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in my life!

There can be a lot to a healthy diet, especially when it’s ultimately a shift in your lifestyle, like it was mine.  The best way for me to start is saying this, I eat clean.  Most anything that comes from the earth, I want.  And if it comes orgainic, assuming it really is organic, I choose to eliminate all preservatives & pesticides.  Once you get the hang of it, you discover what works for your body.  What works for me isn’t necessarily what works for you.  I just want to encourage you to enhance your nutrients from the best foods on earth.

My can’t live withouts:

Skin & brain foods (vitamins!).  Nuts, nuts, nuts.  Avacado.  A variety of petty much all veggies & fruits.  Salmon!  Organic, 80% coco, dark chocolate. Organic greek yogurt. Organic peanut butter.  I snack on organic trail mix (almonds, walnuts, seeds, pistachios, cashews, etc), goji berries, or granola every day 🙂  I’m a pescatarian but I’m not encouraging or discouraging you to eliminate meat.  If you need your chicken or steak, I get it!  If I were you, I wouldn’t go near anything that isn’t organic and hormone free.  There’s some crazy stuff going on in the meat industries.  Highest demand in America = YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE REALLY EATING!  Whole Foods has a wide selection friends:)

Here are some additional, yummy faves.  Yams.  Cooked mushrooms. Light popcorn.  Shrimp.  White fish.  Salads!  Don’t get turned off, you have to get creative & add the goodness: nuts, fruit, veggies, light organic cheese, light dressing & some kind meat or protein.  My boyfriend must think I’m crazy because to top it all off, I add Cayene pepper to pretty much everything!   I like to spice it up, literally!!  Even my special Smoothies: all fruit, maca powder & cayene.  I don’t know the last time I shopped anywhere other than a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  That’s a great kick start to stocking up on the goods that do the body good!!!

Eating a balanced diet keeps me fuller & more satiated throughout my days.  Now don’t get me wrong, I NEVER deprive myself.  I can’t live without my Mexican, frozen yogurt & a lot of Sushi.  I pretty much eat healthy all week & do whatever I please on the weekends!  You’ve heard it a million times, everything in moderation.  Ooow I have so much fun with this category!  Stay tuned for lots of fun health tips!

Remember our body is our temple.  The more you nurture it, it will serve you.

Tonight’s dinner.   Yummmmers!

2 thoughts on “HEALTH ~ FITNESS ~ BEAUTY

  1. I love this! I’m a pescatarian too. Photography has been my world for the last 3 years and I haven’t been treating my body well, usually forgetting to eat and when I do it’s really unhealthy. Thanks for the list of foods. I live in Manitoba, Canada and we don’t have a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods here, so I’m going to look for reasonable alternatives. Keep it up! I’m definitely going to follow this blog and tell my friends.

    Oh, by the way, is there a specific website or book that you find particularily helpful when trying to find information on food, it’s benefits and drawbacks?


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