For the first time in 7 years, I was inspired by the words that were coming out of my own mouth. I was spiritually naked, exposed, vulnerable that day. I was finally talking about who I really am. Love working with Providence Health & Services and my dearest friend Michelle Marie to continue to share & inspire through my personal story.  #HealthBeat #BelieveandBecome xx

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I’d like to share a message I received that specifically helped me this one day I didn’t feel like being a hero. I immediately was uplifted and reassessed my blessings…

A friend of mine from acting class writes (exactly one year after my accident): “Your Celebration last night was so beautiful and a wonderful extension of you 🙂 I was going to send this to you last night but I second guessed myself because I didn’t feel my poetic skills were good enough but I’ve decided for boldness instead. I wrote it for you this time last year and although the skills may not be the best the intention and meaning behind it is as true today as it was last year, and the year before that, and all the years to come… Believe*” ~

Chauntal “Light bound in human form, Bursting forth in Love, You are more than Love. Bright Angel. Singing, songs written. Ages ago for the children of tomorrow. A lighthouse against dark waters, we strive for your shores, let us know, your joy, we cry, a burden heavy, for you so light, touch our souls lift us to your heights, let us be as you. Love in human form – Chauntal Lewis” March 18, 2009 at 11:04am

Thank you!!! I am so appreciative for your words! Today was just one of those days, I didn’t feel like being a hero. I ran into a few obstacles and I became completely overwhelmed with uncertainty. I tried to adjust my doubtful thinking, “Everything has a significant purpose, Chauntal, especially my life”, then poof! I received this message, with a beautiful reminder: Purpose. I have a voice & people are listening. You mention you second guess yourself, even on something so beautifully written, and I can’t help but wonder why it’s so easy for us to negate our true gifts and talents? I don’t always recognize that my outlook on life is a true GIFT or a light shining on others. I sometimes get uncomfortable with embracing that statement in fear of others perception of me. For instance, starting this blog. I feared that I may be looked upon as if I “think” I have it figured out, because I don’t. In fact, sometimes I want to scream out “I didn’t sign up to be a teacher, a healer. I don’t have the answers. I was just a victim of a horrific, unfortunate event..”, but I know and appreciate that it was far beyond any “accident”: “There are no accidents in an intelligent universe”. So I remind myself, do see the world in a way that I want my friends, family, strangers to experience and whether I chose this role or not, I choose to teach so that others can live more fulfilled lives. It’s one obligation in life I’ll never tire of…and as a result, my purpose in life has reached a whole new level :)!

Thank you friend for reminding me and realigning me on my personal mission this lovely afternoon! ♥



I JUST ADDED 2 SPECIAL NEW CATEGORIES: INSPIRATIONAL MAIL & YOUR STORIES! I am so inspired by your letters & facinating stories; redirecting me in the light of my own personal legend.  There’s no better place than Believe & Become to reach out, help & inspire others. I’ve established a no limit, courageous, spontaneous  place to share, express curiosity & just explore LIFE.   Please continue to inspire me & us all by submitting your stories &/or questions to help me build a palace of greatness & awareness; making a REAL difference for humanity!  I cannot promise to respond directly to every one, but you never go unappreciated, I thank you for teaching & inspiring me.  It’s you who fuel me everyday!


“Do you remember Breanna? Her husband Mark painted my house, and I reminded him of you because my left hand is also absent, and, when I was young, I was also pretty, and, at 70, still feel pretty enough. The absence of my hand is congenital; nobody knows why. I grew up doing things my own way, and when I was 24 I got a cosmetic hand just for dress-up. I was married (and divorced,but the marriage was worth it for the fun we had) and I’m a mother and grandmother.  Chauntal, it is such a pleasure for me to see your lovely, happy face, and I just wanted to say hello to you . I happen to be a psychotherapist by profession.Iif you Googled Frances E. Brown, psychotherapist Van Nuys, you would probably find me.  I send you my best wishes.” ~ Frances
Thank you for sharing with me!  Yes, Breanna is one of my greatest friends. I’m so happy you introduced yourself! This is so inspiring to hear; although I feel as if I have adapted relatively quickly, I cant help but wonder & hope that i will remain as optimistic in my future endeavors as you have. Thank you for sharing with me!!
God Bless*** ♥23



I think this is the secret friends!  Every day look in the mirror & reaffirm everything that’s so amazing about yourself!  Loving yourself isn’t selfish, it’s the only way you can truly love others:) It’s important to Love yourself but it’s just as important to like yourself…

I like my family, I like my boyfriend, I like my sister, I like my clothes, I like my hair, I like my car, I like my nails, I like my drive, I like my Nine Zero One, I like my legs, I like my sense of humor, I like my ability to write, sing, dance, laugh, cry, I like my life…Geeez I like a lot of things when I think about it:)  This is fun!

The best advice this little one gives is, “I CAN DO ANYTHING GOOD.” My greatest acting coach, Joe Palese, always said, “You’re only as good as your imagination.”  If only we could get back to that uninhibited child that BELIEVES I CAN BE & DO ANYTHING I WANT!  As we get older, we have been conditioned to put constraints & regulations on our lives.  We’ve been told “No” too many times, or “this is wrong”, “don’t do that”, where we’ve learned to conform to the society norms; inhibiting us from using our full imaginations! Who says we have to grow up? Let’s embrace that inner child & remind ourselves, “I can do anything & I will!” ♥ 24

25 Days of Christmas*

Yay 25 days of Christmas has begun!  A time for giving!  Every day I go through life learning, observing & exploring!  I smile, I frown, I take the good with the bad but ultimately, I choose to take the good.  And I want that for you too!  For Christmas, I am sending out daily affirmations to practice through our days; these will be inspired by your letters & stories and/or just uplifting encounters with people.  I hear a lot of stories about pain, suffering & unfulfillment, things that we all may battle with at times, but it’s up to us to shift our consciousness to positive, happy thoughts & actions and our whole world will transform.  Leading a positive, healthy, happy life just takes practice and a lot of the time we just need a simple reminder, to reinforce it into our lives.  As I’ve said, I’m committed to helping others live more fulfilled lives; that includes me! Dedicating Believe and become to enhancing the quality of others lives is the biggest way I know how to give back right now, in return for all the love & support everyone has given me!  25 “I am” & “I can” GIFTS to living healthier, happier lives!


“I am at a place in my life where i truely want to belive that..it’s just so hard. like i had made a promise to myself that i would start waking up and say good morning God rather than oh God it’s morning… honestly i am finding it sooo hard to keep that promise ugh i want to love life!” ~ an old friend from school
Thank you for sharing.  And you can….It starts with loving you & your life, & life will love you back!  I love this, “Goodmorning & thank you. Today is a Good day!” Thank you. I’m going to use that:)
EXPRESS GRATITUDE* “BE thankful for the wonderful gift of being able to serve humanity, your planet, and your God. That’s a lot to be grateful for!!!” ♥ 25


My Nike LA Destroyer profile is live at NIKESPORTSWEAR.COM This is one of the most rewarding moments for me; to be recognized by the one and only NIKE!  Like I said, I’ve always been an athlete and it’s always been none other than Nike who encouraged me to push my limits!

“In a city of such levels of diversity, I am more than just an actress, just an athlete, just a model, just an inspirational role model. I love music, art, people…I Love LA.” MORE THAN A GAMECHANGER. http://3.ly/CKC5


Nike has chosen a handful of “more than” individuals for their new Destroyer jacket campaign.  I am honored to have been selected as one of their LA Destroyers!  I believe we are all Destroyers.  For me, being a “Destroyer” it’s more than being an athlete or artist.   We destroy to create. It’s overcoming any adversity life may throw at you; destroying weakness to flourish strength. “Build the palace of the future with the rubble of the past”.

And it begins!!! Here’s the first look at the Nike LA Destroyers!  December 9, 2010 is the official launch of the Destroyer campaign, held at the LA art show.  A renowned LA artist will release a piece of his artwork that will interpret my Destroyer moment; recognizing me, the actress, the athlete, the Destroyer.

NIKE LA DESTROYER (teaser):  http://tiny.cc/9ey8z


A HAPPY Thanksgiving!

Thank you Rancho Los Amigos for taking care of me today! Waited a year & 1/2 for this day, 11/24/2010…it’s a HAPPY Thanksgiving!  Let’s have a toast to no more nerve pain!! This FREEDOM brings tears of pure happiness!!! I just moved my thumb & for first time noooo neuromas screaming at me!  And not yet absolute, but I believe Dr. Chambers found a way to shave down the frayed, fractured tip of the bone & wrap the only muscle available around the bone to give as much protection as possible (previously explained to me as being impossible).  And although last night was the most excruciating  post-surgery pain I’ve ever experienced, I can say I’ve embraced another Destroyer moment:  “Destroy to Create”.

Once again, God Bless our selfless Doctors for going above and beyond to heal & bless humanity! Thank you all for your love & support! Giving Thanks for the most amazing family & friends like you! New beginnings & new opportunities ahead..and for Christmas, the long awaited prosthetic after recovery! SO excited!

I’m a destroyer! Literally! A beautiful success!


We create our own Paradise

We create our own Paradise, wherever we are…

The concept of Heaven on Earth never felt so real to me until I truly began to experience it for myself.  A special thank you to Wayne Dyer.  “Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, because Spirit is everywhere in everything.  If I said you could be in Paradise right this second, would you come with me or stay back, in disbelief that perhaps you too are worthy of this Paradise” ~ Dyer.  I believe this man can truly bring you the inspiration and clarity you need right now, just as a reminder that God is right here, every step of the way!  Please read his blogs and daily affirmations, and practice throughout your days!  I guarantee you will feel the Love start to heal & you can begin to find peace in everything you do!  Why?  Because I love you.

We create our own paradise.   I remember my first glimpse of this new found appreciation & peace within; it was immediately after my accident.  I was driving home in the car with my sister & her boyfriend, who played as close to a brother as it gets, only 4 days after 3/18.  Perfectly fitting, “Live your Life” by Rhianna came on just as we left the UCLA hospital!  I will never forget as tears of joy & bliss & gratituded fled down my face.  I could see the beauty in the bluest sky, leaves greener, trees fuller, birds far more delicate & mysterious than ever, colors more vibrant.  I let the light in and I could see, truly see the beauty of Life.

“In the soul of man there lies one insular Tahiti, full of peace and joy.” – Melville. xx

Be your own teacher…

I believe we are only as interesting in life as we are interested in it.  What inspires me most?  Encouraging others to living happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.  I’m inspired to teach, but first I am the student to life.  I’m a dedicated learner.  I never stop asking myself questions and challenging myself on the why’s, what’s, how’s that show up in every day life.  Most likely I don’t know the answers and am forced to reevaluate my opinions and philosophies.  My curiosity and eagerness to stay connected with myself (being present in the now) inspires me to ask myself simple yet direct questions about myself, my culture, my community, my Life.  It’s amazing the more connected we become with knowing oneself, are we then able ton connect on deeper levels with friends, family, strangers even.   Starting with just 3 questions a day, at random!  Let’s take a closer look in the mirror: What really makes you YOU?

If you had the chance to give back to the community of LA, what would you do?

Create more facilities that integrated the arts & athletics for youthful generations, with & without disabilities, to encourage them to follow their dreams against any adversity (physical, financial, mental) & prosper. We can make a difference 1 person at a time as we come together as a community.

What is your favorite type of art that speaks directly to you?

Acting & dancing!  For instance, a musical, when inner emotion becomes outward physical expression, is just beautiful..

As a influential person in your community, what do you want the community to learn from you?

“I have a mission to motivate, support & encourage people with or without physical disabilities to pursue active lifestyles though physical fitness and competitive athletics.” I believe that involvement in sports at any level increases self-esteem, encourages independence and enhances quality of life.

Personal Q & A’s everyday keeps me Interested & Invested…I learn something new about myself every day!!!